6 Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips for Homeowners

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Pumpkin carving is an incredibly fun activity for the young and old. However, it is important that people go about this the right way. One wrong move and there could be a serious accident. After all, carving involves some sharp tools. Prevent a trip to the hospital by following these tips.

1. Choosing a Knife
One of the biggest mistakes families make is to use any sharp knife from the kitchen drawer. Instead of a long butcher’s knife, it’s best to use a smaller one with a serrated blade. A smart investment is to purchase a pumpkin carving kit with tools that have the right safety features.

2. Handing the Tools
A sharp knife is not necessarily the best option. Instead, it is important to have a small tool that is easy for carving. When using a knife, one should point the edge away from them. This way, if someone slips, they will be less likely to cut their hands. Carvers should avoid slicing the pumpkin. Instead, it is important to adopt a gentle back and forth sawing motion. Making big slices or moving too quickly can cause injury. There is no need to apply a lot of pressure to the knife or to the pumpkin.

3. Pay Attention
Another huge mistake people make is to multi-task or lose track of their hands while carving. This can cause a major injury or accident. Instead, it is important to be focused when carving a pumpkin. One hand should be used to keep the pumpkin still and the other should be used for carving.

4. Battery-Powered Candles
Candles come with fire, which is a huge hazard, especially if left burning overnight. If a home owner left for an errand or fell asleep, this could cause a major accident. Battery-powered candles or lights do a great job lighting up the pumpkin and are far safer.

5. Age Appropriateness
Experts like the Journal of Pediatrics say that a lot of injuries happen when people below the age of 15 carve pumpkins themselves. That’s why we recommend that only children 15 and older are allowed to carve these items. They should always be supervised, and distractions should be kept at a minimum.

6. A Brightly Lit Area
A solid and dry table is important so that the pumpkin does not slip and slide during caring. All knives and tools should be kept in a jar so people know where they are at all times. Everyone working on the project should be able to reach over the table.

Pumpkin carving is incredibly fun and a great way to celebrate fall or holidays like Halloween and of course, who doesn’t like looking at a nicely lit pumpkin on a porch or window sill? Taking some safety precautions ensures there are no accidents or injuries to ruin your family fun.

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