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Trinidad is a stunningly beautiful island located just north of Venezuela in the Lesser Antilles, and it is known for its gorgeous beaches, magnificent waterfalls and vibrant culture. There is much to enjoy while spending time in Trinidad, but when you become a resident on the island, you do want to be aware of crime in the area. The unfortunate truth is that the violent crime rate on the island is rather high, and you need to take steps to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of crime.

Common Types of Crime in Trinidad

The fact is that violent crimes in Trinidad and in neighboring Tobago are high in communities for both locals and expatriates. Crimes can occur during the daylight hours, but they are more common after dark. No place is safe from crime, and reports of people attacked in the airport parking lot, on the roadside, in rural and urban areas and even in their own homes are common. Women may be slightly more likely to be targeted, but both men and women have been victims in these crimes. The crimes include everything from basic pick-pocketing to far more serious crimes like burglary and home invasion, kidnapping for ransom, assault and sexual assault and even murder are problematic.

Tips to Stay Safe

Crimes can occur at any time of day or night, but they are more likely to occur at night. Therefore, it is best stay indoors or to remain in public places at night in Trinidad. At home, the use of a home security service is imperative, and this is recommended by the Embassy. If you are renting a home, stay in a residence that is monitored by a home security service. Also, be vigilant about your surroundings at all times, and avoid letting others walk up to you. Travel in groups when possible, and avoid talking to strangers. In addition, do not flaunt valuable items. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or even clothing that indicates that you may have valuables back at your home.

The Importance of Third Party Protection

In addition, you can consider the benefit of hiring a Trinidad guard for private security. While a home security service can prevent or deter crime at your home, a Trinidad guard can travel with you while you are out of the house. A private security guard can deter attacks and may prevent you from being targeted by criminals. However, even with the services of a private security guard, you should still take steps to remain vigilant at all times and practice good safety tips.

If you are interested in moving to Trinidad, you do need to be aware of the criminal activity that is common on the island. While crime is problematic, there are steps that you can take to stay safe. Everyday efforts, such as remaining vigilant about your surroundings and making the decision to travel through the area mostly during the day and always with groups, can be highly beneficial to promoting safety in Trinidad. However, other efforts, such as using a security service at home that is monitored around the clock and hiring a Trinidad guard for additional protection can also be highly beneficial.

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