Are There Any Safe Places to Hide Valuables in the Home?

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Coming home to a house that’s been broken into feels terrible; finding a prized possession gone is even worse. Most homeowners will try to hide valuable items, but not every hiding spot offers the same level of protection. Thieves usually know exactly where to look in a residence because everyone tends to hide valuables in the same places. A spot that seems particularly secure might be the first place a thief looks after breaking into the home.Trinidad Security

Get Creative with Hiding Spots

Many places in the home offer a very secure hiding spot for some emergency cash or valuable family jewelry. Thieves usually won’t have the time to check or won’t even consider some of the most creative spots.

One of the best places to consider is under a wall-to-wall carpet. The carpet may be pried up near the corner or along the wall and provide a great spot for hiding valuable documents or cash.

Although the best place to store cash will always be in a bank, having some emergency cash on hand is important. During a natural disaster, like a hurricane where the power might go out for days, the only funds a family might be able to use could be the cash in the household at the time of the emergency. Therefore, finding an extremely safe hiding spot for those funds is essential.

Use Special Safes and Hidden Cabinets

Several products on the market today can help conceal special items in what might appear to be regular pieces of furniture. For example, there is a type of mirror that functions just like a normal mirror yet features a safe spot in back of it to place valuables. A common mirror that sits on top of a bureau won’t attract too much notice, and a thief will likely not even know that there are valuables hidden behind it.

Also, fake vents can be installed into the walls. The fake variety looks just like a vent for the heating and cooling system, yet it features a fake back that is suitable for hiding valuables. This spot has become quite popular as a hiding spot, especially after the popularity of "Breaking Bad," where the main character hid money in an air conditioning vent.

Avoid These Hiding Places

A thief usually wants to get in and out of the house quickly and won’t spend a lot of time trying to find valuables that are well hidden. Thieves will definitely look in the following places because it’s so common for people to hide valuables in these spots:

• Laundry basket

• Kitchen freezer

• Sock drawer

• Under the bed/mattress

Despite a strong security system, the potential for a break-in does exist. A thief might be so quick as to break into the home and not care about the Trinidad security system because he only intends to spend a few minutes in the residence. In such cases, a set of surveillance cameras may prove invaluable for providing information on the thief’s activities and identity.

Hiding valuables in the home isn’t difficult, but choosing non-traditional spots is always best. In addition, using security services like an active security system and a surveillance network will help reduce the chance that a thief will be able to make it into the home undetected.

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