Beach Safety Tips

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Smart vacationers will always tread carefully when it comes to taking a swim in the ocean or visiting a beach. Taking the right precautions keeps everyone safe, so we’ve put together a few beach safety tips for you to consider:

Plan Ahead
Before heading out to the beach, check the weather, and never go if thunderstorms are expected. In addition, most beaches have websites where you can check high and low tide as well. Doing some simple research saves people time and stress.

Know Your Swimming Limits
Swimming in a pool is different than swimming in the ocean. After all, there are strong currents and tides to contend with. It’s important to visit beaches that have lifeguards and clear signs up. Additionally, families should be realistic about their swimming abilities. Never swim alone, frequent beaches with lifeguards, and pay attention to the type of water you’re is in.

Pay Attention to the Flags
When a beach has up warnings, this means people need to be aware of important risks. For example, a double red warning means that the beach is closed; a single red flag means there could be strong currents. If a purple flag is up, there could be dangerous marine life around. These signs are usually available online as well as at the beach. When in doubt, ask the lifeguards or beach staff about the current conditions and what they mean.

Remember to Apply and Reapply Sunscreen
By now, we all know the sun’s rays can be incredibly dangerous. Don’t forget to apply and then reapply sunscreen after swimming. In addition to preventing against a painful sunburn skin cancer, overexposure to the sun can cause dehydration, premature aging, and more. Don’t forget your hat and umbrella either!

Heed All Warnings
The worst thing beach-goers can do is ignore high tide, shark or concerning weather conditions. If a notice is up about swimming at one’s own risk, it may be time to just stay on the sand. Lifeguards and area experts only post warnings when they are truly worried there could be an issue. Thus, it’s best to be smart when it comes to high algae appearances at the beach, shark sightings and rough weather conditions.

A day at the beach can be fun for all ages. However, people need to be careful to avoid a swimming accident or injury. Paying attention to the weather forecast, beach warnings, staying aware of surroundings all help to ensures everyone is safe.

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