Benefits of Using Cameras With Your Home Security System in Trinidad

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As much as we hate to admit it, there are numerous people in the world who wish to do us harm and steal our valuables. We can’t rely on the police for everything. Some things need to be handled on our own. That is exactly why a man named Levent Centiner installed a camera system and motion detector in his home.

When the motion sensors detected movement, the camera would start recording, and take photo snapshots as well. The pictures would then be sent to him through his email. Right before Christmas of 2011, he received his first pictures of a burglar entering his house through his window. He was able to call the police and get the crook arrested before any further harm was done.

Without a camera system installed in his home, the intruder most likely would have gotten away with his valuables. This is only one of the many benefits to installing CCTV in Trinidad.

Stopping Crime before it Starts

Did you know that some people buy security system stickers to put in their window to deter burglars? It may sound silly, but it has actually been proven that simply knowing that a home has a security system installed can prevent a would-be home invasion. However, you can’t rely on a sticker to keep everybody out. Actually seeing the cameras and knowing that there is a security system installed will deter numerous potential intruders from your home.

Stopping Crime in the Act

Just as Mr. Centiner did with his camera system, you could also be the key factor in stopping crime in its tracks. With a camera system installed and remote access to your camera system, you could view live footage whenever someone enters your home. After you view the footage, you can call the police while the crime is still taking place. The police then have a better chance of catching the criminal before they get away. If you don’t check your email very often, you can also get the images sent to your phone via text message.


Camera systems have ways of storing photos or video footage for proof. If a burglary ever occurs in your home, you can have solidified proof in your hands to help put the criminal away. Your camera system could prevent some other potential victim from falling prey to their criminal ways.

Keep an Eye on People in Your Home

Even the people that you trust to be in your home can be potential criminals. Babysitters, cleaners, technicians and more can steal from your home more easily than a burglar can. CCTV within the home can keep an eye on everyone in the house while you’re away to catch any possible crime.

Cost Effective

You can’t put a price on safety, but you can obtain a safer home for very reasonable prices. Mr. Centiner just added the motion-activated surveillance cameras to his existing home security system. There are various security systems in Trinidad that are easy on the wallet and just as useful as any expensive home security system.

If you’re looking for CCTV in Trinidad and Tobago, consider Essentia. We offer the best security systems in Trinidad at very reasonable prices. To get your home the best protection at a great price, contact Essentia for more information on a home security or camera system for your home.

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