Beyond Camera Security with Total Connect

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The increasing availability and affordability of camera security is a big step forward for both commercial and residential security throughout Trinidad and Tobago. It is not, however, a complete solution, and achieving that comprehensiveness and integration requires a system such as Total Connect by Honeywell, which is a new service offered throughout the area by Essentia.

Total Connect

The core goal of the Total Connect approach is to integrate a security system and make it available remotely. Integration is paramount. Camera security is a valuable addition to any security system, but it is much more beneficial when it can react to motion and heat sensors, it can be adjusted from afar, when its video stream is viewable at home or from a mobile device and so forth. The Total Connect advantage also extends beyond just traditional security components and can, for instance, trigger alarms and notifications when it detects water leakage or movement of a flat-screen TV.

Remote Access

Total Connect systems interface with the local home or business network and use that to communicate. The system can also make use of a cellular network in case the primary network fails. Through this network connection, the system can provide access via the Internet, which means that an authorized user, such as the business owner or homeowner, can view and manipulate the system from a wide range of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Picture driving into work and using a cell phone to lock a door that was overlooked on the way out to the car.

Around-the-Clock Monitoring

A Total Connect system is also monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a third-party monitoring service. When an alarm or notification does trigger, the monitoring station will also receive it and will react to it accordingly. In the case of a burglar alarm or fire alarm, the call agent can dispatch local emergency services quickly. In the event of water leakage, for instance, the call agent can ensure that the property owner is aware of the problem and can even make the calls necessary to handle it.

Energy Savings

Total Connect is a home automation solution. It integrates camera security and other security components, but it can also integrate with thermostats, lighting, entertainment systems, windows, doors, garage doors, gates and so on. Through automation, a Total Connect system can ensure that a home or business only uses precisely the energy it requires, and that reduces utility costs. In fact, a Total Connect system can pay for itself in many scenarios.


The Total Connect approach is also about making the home or working environment more convenient and productive for the people who use it. Automation of and remote access to appliances found in a home can make one’s life much more convenient on a daily basis. In addition, anyone who carries a phone, which is most of us these days, has a mobile command center that let can them check in on the nanny, lock a door or turn on the sprinklers to water the lawn.

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