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There are many security systems in Trinidad to choose from for your business. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, but you may want to consider getting a security system that has a CCTV surveillance system from Essentia. Essentia is one of the top-rated Trinidad security companies. Our security systems have an integrated CCTV system to keep an eye on your business at all times. You may believe that feature is only useful for catching intruders and burglars, but it ​can also be useful in keeping an eye on your employees.

Why do Your Need to Watch Your Employees?

When you hire someone as an employee in your business, you give them your trust that they will work in the building with the tools that you give them responsibly. Most employees honor this trust by working responsibly and doing their best to uphold the rules around the workplace. However, some employees break this trust by stealing from the company, vandalizing or breaking workplace rules. Supervisors and managers can’t be everywhere at once to keep an eye on the employees, so it’s a good idea to use a CCTV system to monitor them.

Stopping Theft

Theft by employees is surprisingly common. Businesses can lose hundreds or thousands of dollars due to employee theft in a short amount of time, and many businesses simply can’t pinpoint who is stealing from them. Many employees have access to cash registers, shipments of important products and more. An employee can get away with minor theft on various occasions without ever being caught, due to their knowledge of the workplace and lack of proof from their superiors.

When businesses get CCTV systems, they usually assign someone the job of watching the monitors over the work day. When that person believes theft or suspicious behavior is taking place, they can report it to their superiors. Their superiors will then review the footage and see if any action needs to take place against the employee. Some business owners may even assume the responsibility of watching the monitors themselves to catch someone in the act. This can save any business from terrible losses in profit, and it allows you to get untrustworthy employees out of your business.

Employee Productivity

Most people have felt the need to start working very hard when they know their supervisor or manager is lurking around. No one wants to get in trouble for slacking off on the job. With a CCTV system installed in your business, you don’t have to rely on the constant monitoring of a supervisor or manager to prompt workers to work harder. Simply knowing that there are cameras around watching you as you work can improve employee productivity and reduce wrongdoing in the workplace.


Sometimes employees may lash out back at you when they get in trouble or get fired. They might file wrongful termination lawsuits against you simply because you don’t have the proof to back up your allegations. With a CCTV system installed, you have video proof available to show to employees, lawyers and judges if legal issue should ever arise due to an employee’s wrongdoing.

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