A Closer Look at Crime Prevention Month

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October is the month when local law enforcement departments come together with their communities to celebrate Crime Prevention Month. This annual event was started by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) to celebrate those who fight crime and to educate people on ways they can stay safe. Crime Prevention month is also sponsored by Celebrate Safe Communities (CSC), which works to bring together local law enforcement with community members to fight crime. Every week of Crime Prevention Month brings a different focus on crime prevention efforts. Here is a look at the topics for this exciting month.

Community Engagement

This month, local law enforcement departments are taking steps to reach out to the community. These departments are hosting open houses to make an effort to embrace the community. They will also hold meetings and informational sessions about ways that community members can work together to prevent crime.

Neighborhood and Home Safety

One of the main focuses of the month is to get community members to work together to stamp out crime in their neighborhoods. Law inforcement has been out in the community teaching about crime prevention and various ways to stay safe in your very own community. One of the best, and most encouraged, ways to do this is to start a Neighborhood Watch program, so law enforcement has been giving out information needed to start individual, successful Neighborhood Watch chapters.

Personal Safety

This month is not just about people staying safe in their neighborhoods, but also personal safety at all times. This is the ideal time of year for parents to talk with their children about the dangers of strangers, and for women to learn about how to stay safe from the threat of sexual assault, and for everyone to learn how to prevent muggings and ATM robberies.

Cyber Safety

In the 21st century, many criminals are shifting their efforts to virtual crime, which can be more anonymous, accessible, and convenient for criminals. The last focus of Crime Prevention month is educating people about how to stay safe online. This includes learning about how to use anti-virus software to keep computers protected from hackers, and reporting and avoiding the phishing schemes that are so prevalent these days. Parents should also take this time to sit their children down and talk with them about the dangers they face from Internet predators and cyber bullying.

As a company that’s business is keeping you safe, we know how important these key topics are. Be sure to check your local event calendars to follow your area’s special celebrations, workshops and family fun before the month is up.

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