Common Questions and Answers Regarding Home Security

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Home security is vitally important to the safety and security of your family and belongings. It’s where you should feel protected and secure. Many homeowners have questions about home security, alarm systems and how to protect their families. Here are some common questions and answers about security.

What Are Some Basic Things I Can do to Protect my Home?

The first step is to protect the front and back doors to the home. If one kick to the back door can crumble the door like cardboard, that won’t protect your family. Invest in quality doors with a solid core. The hinges should penetrate the wood fully to be secure. The most vulnerable part of the door is the plate where the lock meets the frame. Use a strong, highly secure strike plate on the frame.

The second most vulnerable area of the home is the first floor windows. The shrubs and trees around the home should be short and trimmed often. Overgrown or large shrubs give a burglar coverage as he pries the window open. Keep all the windows locked when you’re not home. You can buy latches or security devices to stop the window from being opened fully too.

Do I Need an Alarm System to Protect my Home?

An alarm system should be used in conjunction with the above security precautions. Even the best doors and windows might not deter an aggressive thief but an alarm system may do so. Often, the fact that an alarm exists is enough to turn the thief away from your home. If they are not scared of the signs, the wailing alarm ringing out into the night will definitely make an impact on their activities.

What Kind of System do I Need?

The type of system you need depends on the type of security you’d like to have. There are basic systems that will provide protection and monitoring for the doors and windows. If any of them are opened while the alarm is active, the alarm will trigger. Aside from the basic system, there are plenty of upgrades that might make you more comfortable about keeping your family safe. There are smoke and heat detectors, motion sensors and glass breaking sensors.

The extra features added onto the system would impact the price of the system too. That’s something to keep in mind when deciding on a type of alarm.

Does it Need to be Monitored?

Not all alarm systems need to be monitored by a security company but it is certainly recommended. The blaring of the alarm may be enough to send a burglar running from the home, but if you expect an armed response then you’ll need to have someone monitoring the system. There are systems that will alert you by text when it’s been triggered, but you’ll have to decide what to do with that information. You can call the police, or race home to see if there’s a problem.

Many homeowners opt for monitoring because it’s instant. The monitoring company gets a call, investigates to see if it’s a real situation then calls the police if warranted. It’s much quicker in case of emergency especially if there’s a smoke or fire alarm added to the system.

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