Debunking Ten Myths About Home Security

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Getting your security system right means protecting your family or business to the best of your ability. Weeding through common home security myths is an important step in designing security protection. Here are some of the most prevalent myths you might encounter when researching your new home security system.

1. Home security systems are expensive

High-tech wizardry and amazing devices aren’t solely the domain of the super-rich. Advanced features like wireless surveillance cameras require only modest investment.

2. Alarm systems require a contract

Although some home security companies offer installation deals tied to service contracts, that’s not an industry standard. You can get a system installed and make the decision on your own whether to purchase monthly monitoring.

3. Alarm systems are easily disabled

No system is completely invulnerable to disablement, but a professionally installed system won’t give thieves an easy time if they try to disable it. There are options to reduce the likelihood that your system can be disabled remotely or from the outside.

4. Programming is a hassle

Usually, it takes just a few steps to arm your system. You may even be able to arm it with your smartphone by using a few simple key presses. It might take a read-through of the instruction manual, but it’s not hard to arm your system.

5. Wireless alarms aren’t as safe as wired

Early wireless systems occasionally failed, but today’s systems use unique radio signals, which are much harder to crack than their predecessors. Wireless systems offer enhanced protection because there are no limitations on camera placement.

6. Existing homes can’t be hardwired

There are several methods your security installation crew can use to hide wires. Just as you can install an air conditioning system in an existing house, it’s also possible to install a wired security system.

7. Alarm system monitoring is expensive

Monthly alarm monitoring ranges in price depending upon the features you select, and budget-friendly monitoring is always available. You may even score a discount by signing a contract or getting a certain package or set of equipment.

8. False alarms are common

Don’t worry, your pet dog isn’t going to set the alarm off. A majority of households in the United States have pets, and system manufacturers have designed systems with pets in mind. Usually, false alarms are due to human error rather than pet problems.

9. Systems require professional installation

For homeowners who are dedicated to doing as much as possible in a “do-it-yourself” manner, there are options for self-installation. However, free installation or low-cost deals are common, so if you get stuck it’s easy to get a professional’s help.

10. “My home doesn’t attract thieves.”

Even if you’re at home all the time and you live in a safe area, all homes are a target at one point or another for thieves. In addition, a security system also adds protection with carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms, which are necessary for every home.

Don’t skip a home security system because you think it’s too expensive or isn’t appropriate for your home or business. There are no downsides to installing a home security system, and you might even get discounts on your homeowner’s insurance with installation.

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