DIY Home Security System: Crafty Solution or Catastrophe in the Making

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​Many women have husbands who are handy with a hammer and saw. While this is a nice perk when the 100-year-old art deco chandelier falls into the soup tureen at Saturday night’s dinner party, when it comes to security in the home, do-it-yourself systems can be a waste of time and money.
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Some homeowners believe placing a fake security sign on the lawn and hanging a few security cameras will be sufficient to keep crime out of the home. Unfortunately, thieves already know all the tricks. Since more than 5,500 burglaries and break-ins are reported in Trinidad and Tobago every year, it pays to weigh the pros and cons of DIY systems before counting on them entirely to protect your home.

Pitfalls of Self-Installation

Security cameras, proximity alarms and other basic security devices are available at big-box and online retail stores. They can be installed by a homeowner, however, the largest drawback of this type of installation is the lack of customer service, support and active monitoring. A simple alarm that makes a loud noise when a door is opened is only going to do its job if someone’s around to hear it.

A professionally installed system, on the other hand, can be hooked up to a central monitoring system so even if nobody is home someone will know that there has been a break-in. A homeowner might not be alerted to the burglary in a timely fashion if the alarm is only designed to make a shrill sound and isn’t actually hooked up to a monitoring system.

Although a loud alarm might scare inexperienced thieves, a criminal with a lot of experience won’t pay attention to a DIY system and will carry on with theft and mayhem without any worry that he or she will be caught.

Benefits of Professional Systems

Active monitoring of a professionally installed system is certainly one of the biggest advantages. However, all systems that contain professional devices will protect the home better than homemade systems. Professional systems often feature warranties and may even include options to update devices when new technology is introduced.

Additionally, professional security systems always use the latest technology. A homeowner won’t need to wonder whether the system will work when protection is required. A home security professional will do the job right the first time, which eliminates the worry a homeowner might have in keeping thieves and burglars out of the home.

The Myth of Cheap Security

Homeowners often try to install security devices on their own to save money, but the eventual cost may be much more than professional installation. Installing more than a few devices, such as surveillance cameras, glass break detectors and motion sensors may take time and end up being just as expensive as what a professional could accomplish in much less time.

In addition, with professional installation the security company can also use professional expertise to make suggestions on devices and where they should be placed. The experience a security professional brings to the installation process is invaluable for homeowners.

It may be tempting to add “install a security alarm” to your handy husband’s weekend honey-do list. To ensure the safety and security of your family, however, professionally installed systems are the best way to go.​

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