Do You Have the Right Kind of Fire Extinguisher in Your Home?

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Every 169 minutes in the United States, someone is killed in a fire. Every 30 minutes, someone is injured in a fire. These sobering numbers are a good reason that homeowners should ensure that there are plenty of fire extinguishers in their homes. Furthermore, if you’re going to install some fire extinguishers in your home, you need to know the right types to install. To that end, here is a guide to the different classes of fire extinguishers that you need to know.

Class A

Class A extinguishers are used to put out fires that are burning organic materials. This includes things like wood, cardboard and newspaper. The majority of fires that occur in the home will be able to be put out by Class A fire extinguishers. It is easy to tell that a fire extinguisher is Class A by looking for the green triangle symbol.

Class B

A Class B fire extinguisher is one that is specifically designed to put out fires that are burning liquids. Examples of flammable liquids are things like cooking oil, gasoline and kerosene. If you try to put out a liquid fire with water, it will only spread the fire. Therefore, Class B fire extinguishers use chemicals to smother these unique fires. You will be able to tell a fire extinguisher is a Class B extinguisher if you see the red square symbol on it.

Class C

The next type of fire extinguisher is the Class C extinguisher. These are designed to put out fires that are burning in or near electrical equipment. Water is a strong conductor of electricity, which means that putting out these fires with water can lead to serious injury or even death. Like Class B fire extinguishers, Class C extinguishers use certain chemicals eliminate these fires. If you are looking for a Class C fire extinguisher, look for one that has a blue circle symbol.

Class D

You will not likely need a Class D fire extinguisher in your home. This type of fire extinguisher is used to put out chemical fires that are burning metal. This includes things like sodium, lithium and magnesium. Therefore, most Class D fire extinguishers are only really needed in places like laboratories. Class D fire extinguishers are designated by yellow decagon symbols.

Class K

If you do a lot of cooking at home, you might want to consider buying a Class K fire extinguisher. These extinguishers are designed to put out the high-temperature fires that result when cooking oils ignite. They are the standard type of fire extinguisher found in restaurant kitchens. You can recognize Class K fire extinguishers by the blue hexagon symbol.

Most fire extinguishers these days come with multiple classifications. The best idea is to get fire extinguishers for your home that can put out Class A, B and C fires. This will ensure you can put out almost any type of fire that you might commonly face in the home. However if you have special extinguishing needs in the home or business, you may opt for one of the other types of extinguishers.

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