Essential New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home’s Security

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You might not think about your security system often, but it is always working to keep your home and family safe. At the end of the year, it’s important to examine the efficiency of your security system, as well as make sure your family is engaging in the right habits to make the security system as effective as possible.

Adopting Safe Habits for Security

Homeowners routinely assume that the security system is all that’s needed for a safe and secure home; however, careless habits could ruin the effectiveness of features like security cameras, proximity alarms and intruder detection.

You’ll want to make sure you and your family members aren’t engaging in any of these bad habits:

  • Leaving a key under a flowerpot (or anywhere else outside the home)
  • Failing to close the garage door when nobody’s home
  • Leaving doors and windows unlocked at any time
  • Posting publicly on social media about vacations and absences
  • Allowing pileup of mail and newspapers outside the home

How often have you left home on a quick trip to the grocery store and left the garage door open? Even if your trip was just a short 30-minute absence, that’s more than enough time for a thief to walk right into your garage and find things to steal or get into the home through the interior door.

Outdated Security Systems

Your security system might have been state-of-the-art when you installed it a decade ago, but it’s probably missing some of the routine features of today’s security systems. For example, if you had an amazing video surveillance system installed in the early 2000s, there’s a good chance those cameras still have wires attached and are vulnerable to any thief who carries a knife who can cut those cords.

Fast forward to today’s surveillance cameras, and you’ll find that wireless cameras aren’t dependent upon a wire and are easy to install, as well as affordable on virtually any budget. While you might not need to go as far as a gate and a guard with your security updates, make a date with a security professional to greet the New Year with a safer home.

Remember: Updating your security system doesn’t mean taking out a second mortgage on the house. Today’s essential security devices are available in very affordable versions.

Options for Improving Your Security System

Some of the new security technologies you’ll want to consider include:

  • Remote monitoring with smartphone apps
  • Wireless surveillance cameras and wireless security systems
  • Keyless entry systems with remote access
  • Carbon monoxide detection and fire detection sensors
  • Activation/deactivation key fobs (in place of a number pad)

Look at the technology in your home. Is it up to date? Don’t greet January with a home that’s a magnet for thieves. Make a New Year’s resolution today to stop bad habits that negatively impact your family’s safety, and update your security system to improve your home’s security.

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