Fire Protection an Important Aspect of Residential Trinidad Security

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A new report by the NFPA indicates that seven people die in a home fire every day.

NFPA Report

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a U.S.-based trade association with international members that creates and maintains standards for use by local governments. Each year, they publish statistics about residential fires in the U.S. The most recent statistics set is particularly alarming because it indicates seven deaths every day, more than 70,000 fires per year and more than $1 billion in damages.

How It Relates to Trinidad

The reason this information is important to Trinidad is that U.S. homes are statistically more likely to have smoke alarms. Based on the U.S. data, 60 percent of those fires occurred in residences where there was no smoke alarm or the alarm wasn’t operating properly. Therefore, if we extrapolate that data to Trinidad, death is more likely and the damages are higher.

Smoke Alarms

The first step to safeguarding your home is to have smoke alarms installed. Preferably, a reliable Trinidad security firm, one that is able to monitor them around the clock, installs them. The ideal setup is to have at least one smoke alarm per level and then to have an additional dedicated alarm in special zones, such kitchens, bedroom areas, attics, basements and attached garages.

24/7 Monitoring

Unmonitored smoke alarms are better than nothing, but you run the risk of sleeping through them or being incapacitated and not able to respond. The best Trinidad security companies provide monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year. When an alarm activates, the central station receives it, and a trained agent responds to it by calling the appropriate emergency services.

Monthly Review

It’s also necessary to have an evacuation plan, one that you practice with the family. Each month, review the plan, and then perform an inspection of the entire house. Test the smoke alarms, change out low batteries and look for fire dangers, such as frayed cables or dry brush.

Smoking Risks

The most common cause of fire-related death in the U.S. is smoking. The easiest way to eliminate that risk is not to smoke in the house. If residents are smokers or you entertain guests who smoke, consider establishing a fire-safe smoking zone outdoors with a deep, sturdy ashtray.

Cooking Risks

Most house fires in the U.S., however, are cooking related. The most common cause of such accidents is someone leaving an oven or stove on and forgetting about it. This is why you should have the Trinidad security firm install a dedicated smoke alarm in the kitchen. The best way to prevent this type of accident is good habits, and it’s simply a matter of making a rule that you turn off all appliances whenever you step out of the kitchen.


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