Five Big Reasons You Should Invest in Smart Home Tech

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Perhaps the biggest trend in modern home life is smart technology. Smart technology is tech that makes our lives easier through automation, programmability and learning capabilities. Smart home tech is much more than just about luxury, however, and there are at least five very important factors that make financing such home technology a smart investment and a priority.

1. Family Safety
A robust home automation system provides the foundation for the very best in home security. It allows for optimal family safety through around-the-clock monitoring, fire alarms, door and window alarms, surveillance cameras and access control. These systems can also save lives in medical emergencies. An injured person could access the system via a medical alert device or their smartphone or simply by calling out to a nearby control panel. Home automation systems also allow for remote access, which means being able to open a door remotely for a child who forgot his or her key or being able to access an interior or exterior video feed of the home from a computer at work.

2. Reduced Energy Costs
The biggest selling point of smart home tech from a financial perspective is that these systems are able to optimize energy expenses. Picture a system that disables the heat or cool air once the family leaves for school and work and then turns it back on in advance of their return. Imagine a system that ensures that bedrooms and bedroom-adjacent bathrooms stay at an ideal comfortable temperature overnight while allowing the unused zones to vary within a much larger range.

3. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership of Residential Systems
Home automation can also minimize total cost of ownership in ways other than monthly utility expenses. By ensuring that heating, cooling, ventilation, humidification, dehumidification, lighting and other systems are used only when needed, it ensures that those systems suffer the least amount of necessary wear and tear, which minimizes maintenance and repair costs. Home automation can also reduce wear and tear in other ways, such as ensuring smooth transitions of an air handler rather than allowing the HVAC system to be subjected to harsh, sudden starts and stops.

4. Reduced Insurance Costs
Home security often provides a homeowner with access to homeowner insurance discounts. These discounts can result in lower premiums and deductibles. Statistics reveal that, on average, homeowners with automation tech installed pay up to 20 percent less in overall insurance costs than those without. The statistics also reveal that those homeowners are less likely to experience rate hikes, or experience rate increases to a lesser degree, when it comes time to renew their policies.

5. Increased Home Value
Home automation equipment also increases the market value of a home, and that added value is usually well beyond the cost of equipment, installation and monthly service. Homes with home automation tech often sell faster and at a higher price than comparable homes. A reason for this is that automation tech makes the home more appealing to buyers and distinguishes it from other homes, and modern systems are very modularized, which makes it easy for home buyers to add the specific features that they want.

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