Guard Services

Commercial Guard Services

We offer round-the-clock guard service for both commercial and residential properties. Our guards are easily identifiable in their striking uniforms and are trained both in security and customer service. Our attention to detail and quality management of the guard service has made us the first choice for a number of high asset value properties in Trinidad where quality guard service is critical.

Residential Guard Services

We at Essentia take pride in the selection, training and motivation of our security team. It is not satisfactory just to recruit and place a security officer on your site, although other security companies do just this. We at Essentia invest in recruiting, vetting, training and technology to ensure we provide you a dependable and consistent service.

Mobile Patrol Services

We at Essentia believe that in the case of any emergency, response time should be measured in seconds, not minutes. Therefore, we pride ourselves in being able to supply your community with a 24-hour mobile patrol which will be based in your area, making our response time to any sort of emergency second to none. With Essentia, help is always nearby.

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