Holiday Season Safety and Security Tips

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Here in Trinidad and Tobago, the rain is just part of the holiday season. While other parts of the world may be knee deep in snow and frigid temperatures, we can enjoy the protection of a tropical climate. While the weather may be enjoyable, holiday celebrations and festivals have their own security risks and hazards that need to be considered to keep families and homes safe.

Gift Giving Security

Gift giving is part of the season, but that also means this is a prime time for criminal activity. Thieves look for opportunities to ply their trade. Keep a close eye on purchased gifts. Be wary of putting some things in the car and going back to the store. Breaking a car window in a crowded parking lot does not make a lot of noise. Do not leave gift and other valuable items in plain view in vehicles, or homes. Also, while shopping, women should never leave purses in shopping carts unattended.

Destroy Retail Packaging

Trash day after giving gifts announces to passersby the high value items in a house. Retail packaging that contained a new big screen television or new computer placed at the curb is an advertisement to thieves canvassing neighborhoods. The discarded packaging lets them know which houses have new and expensive electronic items that are very popular for thieves to steal.

Cook with Care

The holiday season lends itself to extra cooking, celebratory festivals and the lighting of more candles. Fires in the kitchen and candle fires can be completely avoided with a little care. Grease fires from overheated oil are a leading cause of fires in the kitchen. Never leave the kitchen unattended while cooking. Candles should be on a burn-proof surface and should never be left to burn unattended. Switching to modern battery-powered LED candles is much safer.

Use common sense as the seasons change. The proper mindset for adapting to changes the seasons bring is to consider what could possibly go wrong and make adjustments to protect family and home. A safety first mindset increases to potential problems and helps to promote a safe and secure holiday season!

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