​Holiday Security Tips and Home Monitoring in Trinidad

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Buying gifts for the family for Christmas or finding that excellent Boxing Day deal helps create memorable gatherings with family, but the holiday season is an important time for maintaining the safety and security of the home. Shopping online and in stores can be dangerous without proper protection as well as a home monitoring system to keep those gifts and the family safe.

Hide the Presents

Many parents will hide presents from the kids until Christmas morning, but many families without small children will display those presents for anyone to see under the tree. Unfortunately, the tree might also sit right in front of a window in full view of the street and anyone passing the home. Burglars and thieves are counting on finding that new piece of consumer electronics all wrapped up and ready to be stolen. Try to place the tree where it’s not easily viewed from the exterior of the home.

Engage Protection During Absences

Traveling during the holidays is common, but for families who wish to leave home and celebrate elsewhere, an empty home provides an alluring venue for burglars. In addition to a comprehensive burglar alarm system, it’s also necessary to make sure that the system is monitored in some way. Alarm systems can be managed by a homeowner through digital means (smart phone or internet access) as well as monitored by a security company.

Upgrade the Home’s Entry Points

Although a strong door and a solid lock won’t keep every burglar out of the home, heavy doors may prevent casual burglars from getting into the house. Installing items like deadbolt locks, solid core doors, and double-pane glass windows will make it much tougher for an inexperienced thief to get into the home. Additionally, these upgraded doors and windows should be connected to the home monitoring system with additions like glass-break sensors and alarms to catch determined burglars in the act.

Always Keep Doors Locked

Although some neighborhoods might seem safer than others, the holiday season should give all homeowners or apartment dwellers reason to lock doors at all times. Locking up completely and engaging the burglar alarm system while the family is away is a given; however, locks and security should also be engaged while everyone is at home. Becoming the victim of a home invasion during the winter holiday would be a horrible way to ring in the New Year.

Be Smart with Communication and Media

Letting close friends know, privately, about a pending trip is appropriate, particularly if a family friend might be tasked with feeding the family dog, but everyone on the island doesn’t need to know that a holiday trip is in progress. Share photographs and stories of the trip on social media only after the trip is over, and the family is safe at home. A thief might get word of a family’s trip and take the opportunity to break into a home that will be empty for days or weeks.

In 2012, law enforcement in Trinidad & Tobago reported that there were at least 251 reported burglaries and break-ins during the month of December, in addition to 299 robberies. Keeping the family protected requires constant vigilance and attention paid to home security and protection. Prevent victimization of the family this holiday season by ensuring that the home monitoring system in Trinidad is updated, secure, and all-inclusive.​

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