Keeping Your Home Construction Site Secure

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Theft at home and business construction sites is a problem for anyone building or remodeling homes or other facilities. There are a number of things you can do to protect your investment.

Shine a Light

Thieves are a lot like cockroaches. They are terrified of light. This simple fact is one of the most powerful tools you have in your fight against construction thieves. They like to work under the cover of darkness, which means that you can discourage them from attempting a theft if you keep your construction site bathed in bright light at night.

Lock up Your Stuff

Even if you keep your home construction site lit well at night, you still need to ensure that you lock everything up at the end of the day. When work is completed, all the tools should be locked away in a secure area like a storage shed or truck toolbox. Make sure that you use a heavy-duty padlock whenever you are locking your construction tools away from thieves.

Neighborhood Watch

One of the most effective ways to stop theft in a residential area is to harness the power of a neighborhood watch program. If there is not one already set up in your neighborhood, take the opportunity to start one yourself. When neighbors are all dedicated to keeping an eye on one another’s properties, it is makes the neighborhood a much less appealing target for thieves. Just the sight of a neighborhood watch sign will be enough to deter most thieves from attempting to steal anything from your home construction site.

Keep Your Materials Safe

As important as it is to secure your tools away from the evil hands of thieves, it is equally crucial to keep your construction materials safe. If you have room in a secure location nearby, it is a good idea to lock them away during the night. However, this is not a very practical solution in most cases.

One of the best innovations you can use to stop material theft at your home construction site is to use the just-in-time delivery concept. This practice aims to have the construction materials delivered on a schedule that will bring them onsite as they are needed. This keeps huge piles of materials on the site from becoming an overwhelmingly inviting target for thieves.

Keep Things Safe

You must take these steps to secure your home construction site from theft. The cost of failing to do so could run into the tens of thousands of dollars if you are not careful. Take the time and effort to keep your construction area safe from thieves that prey on unsecured sites.

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