Life Safety with Essentia

 In home security

How do you know if your elderly parent or relative is experiencing a medical emergency? Can you imagine the peace-of-mind and connection you would feel knowing that they are safe at home during the day? Would you want to know if they left the premises in the middle of the night?

Essentia’s medical alert pendants and panic buttons give our customers and their families the comfort of knowing that if they fall or have any type of emergency, they are still safe and in capable hands. With Total Connect, the necessary family members can also be alerted instantly on their smart phones or other compatible devices.


Your elderly loved ones can be empowered and maintain their independence while staying safe

They will receive rapid responses to emergencies, with the proper authorities and family members being immediately notified

Help is always in reach 24/7


This month, receive your medical alert pendant(s) for free when you sign up for Monitoring and Total Connect with Essentia.

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