Myths About Home Security and Security Systems

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People often take extreme measures to ensure their property and, more importantly, their families are safe every day. Yet, a handful of myths prevent homeowners from making one of the most sound security investments available—a home security system. Continue reading to discover how unfounded those myths are and why purchasing an alarm system is a step in the direction of sound home security.

Safe Neighborhoods

There is no doubting a safe neighborhood provides one with a certain amount of security, granting homeowners a little peace-of-mind. However, living in a good region does not mean one should simply assume their family and property are safe. In reality, criminals are just as apt to target a house in a “safe” neighborhood as any other. For this reason, an alarm system provided by a Trinidad security company is a wise investment; the added safety measure decreases the chances of a homeowner becoming just another home invasion statistic.

Lengthy Contracts

People dread the idea of finding themselves tied down by a lengthy contract almost as much as they fear someone breaking into their house. Unfortunately, quite a few homeowners believe having security systems installed in their home means signing a long-term contract. This myth is rather misleading, since most security alarm companies require no more than a three-year contract. Considering how long most families live in the house, the contract is nothing more than the blink of an eye, but the knowledge one’s family is protected is forever.

Expensive Security Systems

A widely held misconception is that security systems are not only expensive to install but also a costly monthly expense. The alternative, however, can lead to crippling financial loss. The effort to repair damages to a home and replace stolen items far exceeds the cost of a security system. The irony is, the systems provided by Trinidad security are not only affordable, but are also designed to help prevent the financial devastation of a burglarized home. In fact, what a homeowner saves by protecting one’s house with an alarm system will pay for that security for years to come.

Insurance Protects Homeowners

Insurance does indeed protect homeowners—after the fact. Although there is a good amount of sound reasoning behind investing in homeowner’s insurance, the policy does not protect against burglars. Even the idea that there is no need for an alarm system because the insurance will cover the cost of anything stolen falls short, especially because insurance companies cannot replace family photos, precious heirlooms or items with sentimental value. Perhaps, this is why so many insurance companies advise homeowners to purchase security alarms. After all, a Trinidad security system protects homes and homeowner’s families against break-in rather than simply performing damage control.

Pets and False Alarms

Pets are cherished loved ones people are all the richer for having in their lives. Understandably, pet owners go out of their way to accommodate their furry and feathered companions including avoiding alarm systems. Why? Many believe their beloved pets will inadvertently set off the alarm and innocently cause trouble. Nothing could be further from the truth. Alarm systems are designed with pets in mind and are fully capable of differentiating between a pet and an intruder. More to the point, family pets need protection just as much as the families that love them.

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