Power Outages and Home Security in Trinidad

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Billions of people around the world today are dependent upon the conveniences and benefits of electricity. When a power outage or blackout occurs, there are many ways that homeowners and apartment dwellers may prepare for days without power. A power outage might last just a few hours because of a power station that has a broken transformer, or a natural disaster, like a hurricane, could knock power out for days or weeks.

Power Outages Don’t Require Disasters

Many homeowners assume that a power outage of any great length isn’t that likely without a natural disaster; however, statistics suggest that millions of people experience outages every single day. Power outages are common enough that all homeowners should be prepared, just in case, with emergency supplies and a home monitoring system that may operate on backup power.

There are several vital areas of residential life to consider when creating an emergency preparedness plan, and no incident is too smallfor planning. Consider the following aspects of daily life when designing a comprehensive plan for a potential power outage:

  • Survival and sanitation
  • Food and water
  • Security

A power outage may last just a few hours, but having materials on hand as well as a plan for survival is valuable to retain comfort.

Survival and Sanitation

Some important items for protection during a power outage are fairly obvious, like extra blankets, flashlights, batteries, and a first aid kit; however, making a list of supplies and rechecking it on a regular basis is a vital activity. Some important items that are commonly forgotten during preparation for a power outage include:

  • Cash
  • Gas for cars and generators
  • Important documents like birth certificates
  • Medications
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Wired telephone

Food and Water

The American Red Cross says that if a power outage lasts less than two hours that perishable foods and items in the refrigerator should be safe. If possible, keep the refrigerator door closed during the outage, to reduce the impact of a loss of power on foods that require refrigeration. Additionally, each member of the home will also need at least one gallon of water per day.

This includes the water necessary for cooking. In case of a prolonged outage that lasts weeks, having a two-week supply of water stored in the home as well as a three-day supply if evacuation is required is best.


A home monitoring system in Trinidad will be of vital importance during an extended outage when the danger of looting or break-in activity may increase. Looting activity that often occurs during natural disasters when residents are desperate for food, shelter, and survival items means that a security system may be one of the only ways a homeowner can protect his family.

Thieves may assume that a resident’s home security isn’t working during a power outage because items like security cameras and proximity alarms require power. However, using a backup generator or battery-powered devices should keep the system engaged.

When preparing for a disaster, homeowners must recheck the survival equipment on a regular basis to ensure the family’s safety and health whether the outage is a few hours or several days long. This means making sure the system for home security in Trinidad has a power source, that there is enough food and water to last several days, and that sanitation won’t be an issue.

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