Remote Accessing Your Home

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The Z-wave. Sounds cool, right? Well it is, and what it allows us to do is even better.

The Z-wave is actually a protocol, one of a group which includes Wi-Fi that represents an accepted standard frequency for transmitting wireless commands. More simply, it allows us to send a command using our smartphone to a device in our home, say the ceiling fan in the living room, to turn on or off, go faster or slower. These protocols are low frequency, do not require much power to operate and are inexpensive to use.

To control your automation remotely, you’ll need a central control device which connects to your modem or router. This will serve as your hub controller to control all of your security devices and as the portal to the internet, which will allow you to communicate with your system remotely. You send a command via an app on your smartphone, which is sent through your modem or router to the central control device. As the hub controller, this control device communicates and controls the various functions throughout your home.

With this technology, you can now directly interact with and control your home’s environment, which obviously can increase your quality of living and sense of security. We’ve all seen the videos caught by security cameras of disgruntled delivery people tossing bags or boxes onto the front porch, or actually stealing the contents of packages. That’s just the result of recording the video of strategically placed video cameras. Let’s take this a step further.

You’re at work and your smartphone tells you that there is an incoming alert that someone is on your front porch ringing your doorbell. You open the app on your smartphone and select the video camera you need to see the visitor on the front porch. Let’s say that the person on your doorstep is your wife and she is frantically looking through her purse for her house key. With a push of another button you can tell her not to worry, and then unlock the front door for her. If her hands are full, you can even lock the door behind her and turn on any lights she might need to see her way in.

The advantages of having a system like this are incredible. Now you can adjust your home’s temperature, make the lights come on at a designated time, and open or close the drapes in your living room using your smartphone from anywhere you have access to the web. You can check the status of your home and its alarm system, arm and disarm your system, view security camera feeds, turn on your ceiling fans, and be immediately alerted to any entry or environmental changes. And, if you have kids in school, you can receive notification when they safely come home and make sure the door is locked behind them.

The ability to interface with your home on a real-time basis and from anywhere you have access to the internet has taken convenience and safety to a new level. There are many systems out there with an amazing array of features and functions and, comparatively speaking, these systems are fairly inexpensive for what you get. Maybe it’s time to explore what you can do with home remote access control. Call your local home security company and let them show you the latest in technology. You’ll be surprised at what’s out there.

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