Smart Candle Use is an Important Part of Home Security

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The soft glow of a candle is a beautiful part of a nice evening at home, holiday celebrations, or mood lighting, but like any type of active fire, the use of candles does increase the risk of fire in the home. Using candles safely isn’t difficult, but anyone who decides to light a candle needs to observe a few essential guidelines and install a home monitoring system to reduce the possibility of accidental fire. Thousands of fires around the world start because of the improper use of candles, but many of those fires are completely preventable.

Don’t Leave Fire Alone

No matter the size of a candle or open flame, leaving a candle “on” while everyone is out of the room is an incredibly quick way to see the home go up in flames. Although the smoke detectors that are part of home security in Trinidad should alert the family of a candle fire, a fire that begins when no one is in the room may burn out of control before a homeowner can douse the flame. Furniture, curtains, and other decorative elements may go up in flames in a matter of seconds, which doesn’t leave a homeowner much time to evacuate the family.

Keep Candles Away from Kids

A small candle’s flame is a mesmerizing sight to just about anyone, and rowdy kids or hyperactive pets can spell disaster. The National Candle Association of the US suggests that the simplest way to keep kids from accidentally starting a fire is to place candles high where kids can’t reach them. Candles placed on high shelves also reduce the likelihood that an enthusiastic family pet might jump on a candle and cause a fire.

Place Candles Safely and Smartly

Candles shouldn’t be placed on any surface that’s not incredible sturdy. Some small tables are easily knocked over and aren’t a good spot for candles, especially if the table is somewhere that it could be bumped, such as the hallway or an entryway. Additionally, candles should never be lit near flammable objects in the home, such as curtains and drapes or furniture.

Smart Holiday Candle Practices

During the Christmas and holiday season, many families use candles to create a festive atmosphere, but placing candles in certain areas of the home may post an increased danger. The Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service recommends that candles are never placed on a Christmas tree. Using a strand of holiday lights that look like candles is a much safer option.

Improve Home Security in Trinidad, Just in Case

Even when a family observes as many safe candle practices as possible, threat of fire still exists. A home monitoring system should be fully outfitted with smoke detectors so that if any mishap occurs, the family will be notified promptly about fire or smoke. After a fire starts, a family might only have a few minutes to evacuate the home before it becomes inundated with smoke and flame. In addition, make sure everyone in the home is aware of basic fire evacuation procedures so that if a fire occurs, everyone has a chance to escape.

Although candles do present a fire danger in the average home, there’s no reason that a family needs to avoid them completely. Observing safe candle use as well as ensuring installation of smoke detectors will help a family protect against accidental candle mishaps.

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