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Smartphone security is very important to you and your business. You may hand out smartphones to your employees, and your personal smartphone must be secured in a similar fashion. This article explores security measures you can take with your phones, and each security procedure will help you prevent theft, loss and data destruction. Smartphones are a worthy tool in the business world, but smartphones can become a constant source of problems without the proper security protocols.


#1: Set Up A Screen Lock

A screen lock will help you prevent unwanted access to your phone from children and random thieves. A common thief cannot do much with your phone when the screen lock is turned on, and there are several screen lock apps that help you manage entry to your phone. You can set up the screen lock with a pattern, PIN or passcode. There are screen lock apps that take a picture of someone who enters the passcode incorrectly, and the picture can be emailed to you to identify the thief.


#2: Lock Your Applications

The applications on your phone that are most sensitive must be locked using an app locker. The applocker you choose will help you protect applications in the same way you protect your phone. Enter a pattern, PIN or passcode to access the app, and you may be sent a picture of someone who enters the password incorrectly. Data theft is a major concern in the business world, and you may catch someone who is snooping on your phone for information.


#3: Secure Bluetooth Access

You must password protect the Bluetooth connection you use to sync your phone with other devices. Bluetooth cannons have been used by hackers to steal data from your phone at a distance, and the process has been replicated in entertainment media many times. A simple password prevents a hacker from accessing your data via your unsecured Bluetooth connection.


#4: Secure Wifi Access

You can lock down your wifi access with an app that locks your network once in use. The transmission that is sent from the wifi router to your phone can be intercepted, but a VPN app will help obscure your real location. The data for your phone is routed through international servers that are very difficult to trace, and no one will know where you are truly located. A VPN app helps you look as if you are someone else while you are browsing on your phone. This is especially helpful for companies that perform ip health monitoring from their phone. If you do any business management from your phone you will want to ensure everything is secure.


#5: Anti-Theft Apps

The anti-theft apps you download will help you locate your phone after it has been lost or stolen. You will link your phone to another device, and the information from your phone will be sent to that device. These apps allow you to locate your phone by turning on the GPS location, or you may choose to erase your phone to prevent data from being stolen by the thief. Anti-theft apps may include screen locks and app lockers as mentioned above, or you may use a separate app just for theft prevention.


#6: Why Must Your Business Centralize Security?

Every smartphone your business issues must be set up with the same security details, and your employees must be trained to use these security programs properly. The simplicity of security systems and apps will help you lock down all your data, and you may find your phone after it has been stolen. The data that is sent between employee phones must be protected, and a wall of security protocols will prevent problems that can be avoided. Begin downloading applications today to protect your phone, and set up every employee phone in the same manner.


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