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Kids and summer go hand in hand, but unfortunately so do accidents and summer when it comes to kids. Each year, hundreds of thousands of children are in the emergency room due to injuries on the playground or the swimming pool alone, and every parent’s nightmare is that something will happen to their child. Essentia is a security company serving Trinidad and Tobago, and they care about kids and summer safety as much as parents do. In making sure that parents all over Trinidad and beyond are knowledgeable about summer safety in Trinidad, Essentia wants to share a few simple safety tips for kids and parents alike.

Sunburns, dehydration, and heat stroke are serious matters in Trinidad. Parents can keep their children safe by ensuring they have lots of cool, fresh water on hand and by watching for signs of dehydration and heat stroke, including dizziness, aching in the legs, and weakness. Children can fall victim to the summer heat quickly, and these simple safety tips for kids in Trinidad can potentially save lives. Essentia helps enable parents to use these safety tips for their kids every day in Trinidad.

Summer safety in Trinidad also includes protection against insect bites and stings. Keeping children protected from insects by having children covered with a repellent will help keep kids safe from stings and bites from common summer bugs and flying insects. Parents should especially be aware of insects who can be dangerous when they are camping or picnicking with their children in Trinidad or Tobago. Repellent is a simple way to help protect against bug bites and stings that can make children very uncomfortable.

Finally, water safety is always a high concern for parents in Trinidad. Summer safety in Trinidad should always include certified swim lessons for all children under the age of 14, and parental supervision at all times even if there is a lifeguard on duty. Most pool accidents occur in children age 14 and under, especially in children under the age of 5, and Essentia wants to help inform parents of these dangers so they can work to protect their children now. In order to understand how to keep their children safe, Trinidad parents need to first understand the dangers that can put their children at risk.

Summer should be about fun and enjoyment for parents and their children. Parents in Trinidad and surrounding areas can keep their children safe this summer by allowing them to play in safe play areas, keeping them protected with sunscreen and insect repellent, and making sure water is always on hand. Security company Essentia cares about keeping kids safe this summer, and wants to make sure that parents have access to all the tips and tools they need to keep their kids safe. After all, nothing is worse to any parent than having to take their child to the emergency room. In following great tips to keep their children safe, parents all over Trinidad and beyond can know that they are keeping their children as safe as possible.

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