The Benefits of Security Companies in Trinidad and Tobago

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Essentia provides ironclad asset protection and is one of the few security companies in Trinidad and Tobago that provides guard services to its customers. The company offers both commercial and residential guard services, and mobile patrol is an integral aspect of its success. Via its 24-hour patrols, Essentia personnel will respond within seconds to any emergency.

Tobago and Trinidad Security

The current reality is that violent crime rates remain high on both islands. The government has made great strides, but much work remains. In the meantime, the crime affects local communities, expatriate communities and the tourist areas. It is not currently possible to ensure safety for one’s family, clients or employees simply by relying on local law enforcement alone. Security companies in Trinidad and Tobago are important to these communities by providing immediate and focused protection.

The Mobile Difference

The majority of security companies in Trinidad security and Tobago are essentially alarm companies. They install, maintain and monitor alarm equipment in the home or business. When an alarm activates, the company notifies local law enforcement. This service makes a difference, but it is not without its limitations. The sad truth is that law agencies cannot always meet peak demand. When that happens, emergencies are queued, and any delay can mean the difference between life and death.

The advantage provided by a Tobago and Trinidad security company like Essentia is that they have their own dedicated, mobile force. Essentia guards are highly trained in security and customer relations, and they work around the clock to protect Essentia’s clients and their assets. The guards do not replace the police, but they can make all the difference in the world when the police cannot respond immediately. Essentia guards can reach any client location within seconds of receiving the alarm.

Residential Services

Residential Tobago and Trinidad security services are the only way to ensure that a family and home remain safe. Essentia can provide alarm systems, monitoring, intercom, CCTV video and mobile patrols. The security services will respond without interaction from the homeowner. If an alarm goes unanswered, Essentia will send a mobile patrol and alert local police within seconds. Their action can be even faster and more precise if they have access to the CCTV system. Essentia also installs, maintains and monitors residential security gates and, through the Total Connect software, can provide constant access to a home’s security systems via smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices.

Commercial Services

Commercial enterprises are the most likely targets for criminals in the area. Essentia provides security and fire monitoring during both business and non-business hours. The company can also provide advanced security services, such as electronic gates, access control and CCTV video. A mobile patrol will monitor all commercial assets, and clients can opt for on-site guard services as well. Through Total Connect, the owner and managers can monitor the business remotely. Since mobile patrols are the first line of response, owners and employees will never have to go out in the middle of the night to respond to false alarms.

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