Tips on How to Survive a Home Invasion

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Tips on How to Survive a Home Invasion
When you install a security system, it’s usually because you’re concerned about a burglary or theft, but another topic that’s important to discuss is the threat of home invasion. These frightening incidents sometimes occur alongside violence, and there are special steps you should take to reduce the likelihood of injury during a home invasion.

Using Your Brain and These Essential Steps

You might think that a giant arsenal or a house built like a fort is the best way to survive a home invasion, but it might be a lot simpler than that. The professionals at suggest thinking “tactically” is an essential part of home invasion survival. By understanding what might happen during a home invasion and the proper steps to fight against it, you’ll have a better chance of survival.

Create a “code” for escape

If a home invasion occurs while multiple members of your family are at home, it may be necessary to begin an escape plan. Using a simple word to let everyone know that it’s time to leave the premises is the best way to get everyone moving quickly.

Using a simple word like “escape” is enough. The code word doesn’t actually have to be an obscure phrase. It’s also a good idea to designate a shared meeting spot for family members who can escape the home and leave the property.

Create a safe space

If you’re living in a luxury home, you can actually have a protective safe room built with all sorts of high-tech bells and whistles. However, if you’re like most people, you don’t have the funds necessary for such an investment. A safe room should have some tools that you can use during a home invasion like an extra phone that you can use to call the police.

When running to the safe room, you might not have your smartphone on you, so an extra phone that you know will be in the safe room will ensure you can contact the authorities. Additionally, a panic button connected to your home security system will help alert the authorities. Popular Mechanics also recommends keeping a flashlight in your safe space.

Remember: Never try to act like a superhero and fight the intruders after you’ve gotten to the safe room. Remain in the safe room as long as necessary for help to arrive.

Use a weapon only if you’re trained

If you decide to enhance your self-defense options with a weapon like a handgun, it’s essential that you know how to use the weapon and have practiced with it. Simply buying a gun isn’t enough. If you’re not a member of law enforcement or the military with prior training with weapons, you may want to take a training course on safe handling and use of handguns.

Being able to shoot effectively in a tense situation like a home invasion isn’t something that comes naturally to most people. You may want to take a class that teaches you more than just standing in front of a target with a gun.

Boost Your Home Security System

Hopefully, your residence has a security system with basic proximity alarms. If you’re interested in improving your security against a home invasion, you may want to update certain features of your system to include things like surveillance cameras.

When examining your home for security flaws, you’ll want to check things like windows and doors to make sure the locks work, and they aren’t structurally weak from age. You may want to install new locks, as well as make sure that none of the exterior doors have exposed hinges that would make intrusion too easy.

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