7 Tips to Stop Bike Theft

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Whether your bike is your basic mode of transportation, a way to keep fit or a relaxing weekend hobby, you’ll want to keep your bike safe from thieves when you’re not riding it. It can be devastating to have your bike stolen, so don’t let it happen to you.

Always Lock Your Bike

This may seem incredibly simplistic but many people will hop off their bike to run into the store quickly. They think the bike is secure for less than a minute as they head into the store only to find that the bike is gone when they come back outside. It only takes a few seconds to steal an unsecured bike.

Invest in a Sturdy Lock

Don’t buy a cheap chain-link lock that can be snapped if the thief is determined. Often, a thief will be able to pull and tug until the chain breaks. Buy a lock that can’t be broken without some serious hardware or equipment. A small cable lock is easy to carry but a heavier U-lock will provide the most protection.

Securing the Bike

When you’re locking your bike, don’t secure it through the wheel. The wheel can be removed easily and the thief can buy another wheel fairly cheap. He’ll have an entire bike in no time at all. You want to secure the bike’s frame to make sure the bike can’t be easily stolen.

Secure to an Immovable Object

When you hop off your bike, don’t secure it to the nearest meter or pole without considering how easy it will be to lift the bike over the meter. Many stores have metal poles in front of them for security from runaway cars. Those are not for securing your bike. A thief could easily slip the bike and lock over the post and take off on the bike. Do not secure your bike to a chain link fence either. The metal links are simple to break.

Park in a Visible Location

Anyone who has to lock their bike for a long period of time should park the bike where it’s partially visible. If you have to be in your office job for eight hours, you’ll want to check on your bike occasionally. That’s long enough for a determined bike thief to see your bike, get the tools he needs and return to steal it.

Personalize Your Bike

A generic bike is simple to steal and nobody will recognize that it’s your bike. If you’ve given the bike a personalized paint or other features, your bike will be easier to retrieve later. It might also make your bike less appealing to bike thieves.

Avoid a Pattern

It might be avoidable in some circumstances, but try to avoid parking every single day in the same spot. This is especially true if you have a really expensive bike. It can be a draw for bike thieves who will stalk your bike for the perfect opportunity to steal it.

It only takes a few moments for a bike thief to take one of your most prized possessions. Think carefully about where you park and invest in a serious lock to keep your bike safe.

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