Trinidad Home Security Service Provides Tips on Preventing Grill Fires

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Barbecues are a part of the culture in Trinidad. They are frequently used for fundraising and as a way to celebrate. Barbecues have the potential to become dangerous if the grill and the fire are not managed correctly. There are several tips that will help prevent grill fires and damage to the property.

Always Watch the Grill

The grill should never be left unattended while the coals are hot. It is always better to manage the grill and any dangerous flares proactively rather than to allow a home security service to sound a smoke or fire alarm. Leaving the grill unattended for even a few minutes is enough time for a disaster to occur. The person tending to the grill should watch the coals at all times and rely on an assistant or friend to get supplies from the kitchen.

Keep the Grill in a Safe Location

The grill must be placed in a location that is safe and out-of-the-way. It should be on open ground and away from the home, the deck or any fences that could catch fire. It should also be in a location that does not receive regular foot traffic from guests or family members. Children should not be allowed near the grill. A child who trips could knock the grill over and send burning hot coals everywhere. Anyone holding a barbecue in Trinidad should guard the grill from children and pets. Only adults who are helping with the barbecue should be allowed in the area immediately around the grill.

Use a Home Security Monitoring Service

An effective way to protect a property from grill fires is to use a home security service that includes environmental monitoring. These services constantly monitor sensors and detectors in the home that will trigger an alarm if a fire starts and spreads. The security service will call for help if a fire does start to burn out of control. They can also alert the family in case the fire is burning in an area that no one can see.

Be Aware of Fat

The person using the grill to barbecue needs to be aware of fat. Fats from food like chicken can collect and ignite in the grill. The same can happen with foods wrapped in foil if the foil breaks or starts to char away. Fat can cause a sudden and unexpected flare that could singe the cook or ignite a utensil or nearby branch. Some of these flares can rise very high into the air. Trays in the grill that catch fat should be emptied periodically to prevent flares.

Keep Emergency Supplies Close By

Anyone grilling in Trinidad should guard against property damage and injuries by keeping emergency supplies nearby. A fire extinguisher is very useful and can quickly eliminate a fire before it causes major damage. A first aid kit is important in case of minor burns or other injuries. If a fire extinguisher is not available, then it is good to keep a hose or a bucket of water nearby to put out any fires that start outside the grill.

Dispose of Ashes Properly

It is important to dispose of ashes properly when the barbecue is done. Simply leaving the coals to burn out over time is very dangerous. High winds could carry small embers a significant distance. This could start a serious fire in the house or on the property that will burn undetected until a home security service signals an alarm. Grills should have the cover placed on top when you are done cooking. It might even be necessary to pour water over the coals to stop them from smoldering.‚Äč

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