Why You Should Invest in a Security System for Your Business

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Commercial security systems provide businesses with many of the same benefits that home security systems provide homeowners plus a number of additional advantages. Why then do so many small and mid-sized businesses choose to forgo this kind of protection? The answer usually boils down to cost and the inability to recognize the long-term cost-savings that such systems can provide.

Response Times

Perhaps the great benefit provided by business and home security systems is faster response times. The goal should be preparation to identify an incident in progress as soon as possible and to report it to law enforcement or the relevant authorities as soon as possible. Most modern systems incorporate video surveillance, and one of the great advantages of surveillance is to limit false alarms, which can results in additional costs due to fines and loss of productivity.

Minimize Insurance Costs

Another way that a wired or wireless alarm system can benefit an organization is reduced insurance costs. Many insurance companies provide discounts and reduced premiums and some will even give a rebate that helps to offset the initial cost. There can also be long-term insurance savings. For instance, if a business makes an insurance claim backed with evidence from a surveillance camera system, then the insurance company will usually process the claim immediately and in full.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Businesses have an obligation to protect their employees, vendors and customers, and lack of access control is one way that many fail to do so. Access control provides protection and reduces liability. Commercial security systems tend to allow for access control at a fundamental level, which makes it relatively inexpensive to control who enters the property and to log all traffic entering and exiting.

Deter and Reduce Theft

One of the great challenges modern businesses face is theft from employees and vendors, and for businesses in retail, customer theft is an equal challenge. Visible surveillance cameras serve as an excellent deterrent to both employee and customer theft, and a video surveillance system can be used to track theft as it happens and to identify it after the fact. That evidence helps law enforcement and limits losses.

Deter and Reduce Vandalism and Other Crimes of Opportunity

Businesses must also protect the external aspects of their business as well as reduce liability. Consider that if someone is a victim on commercial property, then that commercial enterprise may be held accountable. Vandalism and other common crimes on commercial property tend to be crimes of opportunity, and those types of crimes can be deterred with a surveillance camera system and better responded to via a monitored wireless security system.

Improve Productivity

A wired or wireless security system can also greatly increase productivity, and the reason for this is twofold. On one hand, a wireless alarm system with access control bolsters employee confidence and lets them concentrate on the work at hand rather than be concerned with potential thefts. On the other hand, visible surveillance tends to ensure people are on their best behavior, and like a good lock, they keep honest people honest.

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