Protect Your Business


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Even When You Are Not There!


You’ve invested quite a bit in making your business successful: money, hours and sweat. And now you have valuable assets such as equipment, inventory, people, and property. When you are there you can keep a watchful eye, but what if you can’t? How do you protect your business?



iPad_TC_Comm_HW_ImgsMake sure you invest enough time choosing the right security system to watch over it. When it comes to protecting what you value most, Essentia can put together a solution that will ensure the safety of your business and the people who depend on you. From remote services, 24-hour monitoring and video surveillance, Essentia can give you that protection you need.

Intrusion Detection

Stop crime before it happens. Protect your business against burglary, robbery and intruders with Essentia’s Intrusion Detection products and services for businesses. Our alarm systems will meet your specific needs and will be professionally installed by our trained technicians. Our solutions can meet various levels of protection and are enhanced by our monitoring with rapid response services.

Commercial Monitoring


Your professional security system is greatly enhanced with the added benefits of Essentia’s state of the art central monitoring station in Trinidad. As a Professional Authorized Dealer, we can provide you with central monitoring services. At the central station, trained professionals are on duty 24 hours a day watching over your security system, and will immediately contact both you and the relevant authorities in the case of any emergency. You are always protected, whether your business is open or not.

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