This is your home and that means something a little different to everyone, but it almost always means safety, security and comfort. This is where you and your family live, where you keep those things you value, where you go to leave the rest of the world outside.

At Essentia, we know how to protect your home from the outside world, how to put together a security system that accommodates your needs and matches your lifestyle. And we know how to make your home smarter so that it can keep you feeling safe and secure.

Break-in Prevention

Alarm Systems

At Essentia, our certified security experts will not only design a unique alarm system to meet the specific needs of the residential customers, but our trained technicians will also seamlessly provide alarm installation in Trinidad to meet the highest standards. Currently our alarm systems will also include both fire detection and water damage, enhancing the scope of your home’s protection.



Residential Monitoring


Your security system is greatly enhanced with the added benefits of Essentia’s state-of-the-art central alarm monitoring station in Trinidad. At the central station, trained professionals are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, watching over your security system and will immediately contact both you and relevant authorities in case of emergency. You’re always protected, whether you’re home or not.


Honeywell’s state-of-the-art sensors detect movement indoors and outdoors, listen for the sound of breaking glass to guard against intruders, protect valuables and more. They enhance the effectiveness of your security system and provide you with the complete whole-house protection you need. You can opt to receive alerts on your smartphone if motion is sensed in a protected area inside or outside – giving you the information you need to act quickly.


Camera Systems

Video surveillance systems offer an extra pair of eyes in helping you protectcam-300x193 your home. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) provides the comfort that comes in viewing someone knocking at your front door, watching the caretaker in your home or checking that your children are home from school. Honeywell Security systems also offers Total Connect remote video services, which will allow you to go online to view the activity throughout your cameras at any time day or night

Smart Home

There is no doubt that owning a smart home would make life easier and Tuxedo_iPhone_total_connectmore comfortable, yet home automation technology has taken that further and owning a smart home is now more efficient, safer and more convenient. Each solution is designed to fit your lifestyle and budget, and will allow you to make the most of your home.

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