3 Reasons Why You Need Security From Essentia

How do you know which security company is right for you? Identifying the need for greater security for your family and property is the first step in choosing the services of a security company. All companies in the industry claim to offer the same thing but expertise, equipment, and reliability prove that this is not necessarily true. Here are 3 reasons why you need the security services of Essentiatt – Ironclad Asset Protection.

Value for money

You work hard to acquire the assets you own and to provide for your loved ones. Security systems should do more than simply alert you of a breach, they should prevent them altogether. Imagine being able to remotely view and monitor your property from your mobile device and receive alerts when the alarm is triggered? Honeywell Total Connect security systems make this possible. Coupled with Essentia’s 24-hour monitoring service of residential and commercial structures, your property will be impenetrable. In the event of an emergency, Essentia alerts the authorities in your neighbourhood or dispatches their highly trained officers to your address.

Contrary to popular perception, installing a fully integrated security system with 24-hour off-site property monitoring is more achievable than you may think. This season, Essentia Security is offering free installation of Honeywell Total Connect security systems when you register for their residential/commercial monitoring service for a minimum of two years.

Travelling to another country this season? If you need security measures implemented for the duration of your stay abroad, Essentia opportunely provides this service. Think prevention rather than recovery when it comes to the cost.


A step towards securing your property should be a step towards peace of mind. While there are many cheap options on the market, they are prone to malfunction, offering, therefore, only a temporary solution. You are then faced with the hassle and cost of having them replaced. We recommend investing in a security system that would stand the test of time. Essentia takes pride in supplying its customers with the very best in security hardware and software from Honeywell.

Honeywell chooses only the most qualified security companies in the industry to partner with. It goes without saying, at Essentia, the very best and most qualified team works tirelessly to ensure you and your loved ones are always safe.

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Functionality and User-friendliness

Do some companies make you feel as though you have be a technological savant to use their products or understand their processes? Essentia’s technicians will properly explain how everything operates and how easy it is for you to engage with the technology, even from familiar devices like your cell phone or table.  Arm and disarm the alarm when you’re not at the house, check in on the kids while you run to the supermarket, turn off the air conditioning. All these things and more can be done in the palm of your hand from a mobile device. Every aspect of the system can be easily integrated into your everyday life.


Why Honeywell and Maxpro Cloud

Here’s what Mr Dirk Xavier, Managing Director at Essentia has to say about their products.

“The system is smart enough to do security for you without you being directly involved. You don’t need a lot of hardware on site, all your recording is done in the cloud. The fundamentals of security haven’t changed much over the last thirty or forty years; the technology stayed about the same. Where we’ve really seen a massive shift in the industry is in how these solutions are connected to the individual. In the past, you had to physically be on site to go up to a keypad and arm or disarm your system. Now, because of the cloud services we have, you can now connect to your system anywhere in the world using any internet device.”

For more information on how Essentia can help you secure your home and assets, visit their website https://essentiatt.com/ or email them at info@essentiatt.com.

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