About Essentia

Company History

Essentia Limited was founded in 2005 by Dirk Xavier, CPP, and his team of experienced security and business professionals. Our goal was to deliver a hybrid security solution that combined electronic security with personnel to provide a cost-efficient and effective security solution to Trinidad & Tobago.

Over the past 14 years, our security solutions continually evolved by combining newly available services and technologies with our tried and true core security principles. 

What We Do

Essentia is a full-service security firm and offers a suite of services that include electronic security services, monitoring services, and manned services for both homes and commercial properties.

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Electronic Security
Access Control
Fire Detection Systems
Intrusion and Panic Systems
Intercom and Public Address Systems
Remote Security Management
Smart Home Solutions
Video Surveillance

Monitoring Services
Fire and Burglary Alarm Monitoring
Managed Access Control
Remote Video Surveillance
Video Alarm Verification

Personnel Security
Security Officers
Mobile Patrol
Emergency Response

Our Focus

Our primary focus is customer-centered, to keep people safe and provide peace of mind. We provide comfort and security through the implementation of security solutions that are practical and cost-efficient, uniquely designed to suit each customer’s needs.

Our goal is to understand our customers, identify their vulnerabilities, and design high-quality, effective, and comprehensive security countermeasures that protect people and assets while exceeding our customer expectations.

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