About Essentia

Company History

Essentia Limited was founded in 2005 by Dirk Xavier, CPP, and his team of experienced security and business professionals. Our goal was to deliver a hybrid security solution that combined electronic security with personnel to provide a cost-efficient and effective security solution to Trinidad & Tobago.

Over the past 14 years, our security solutions continually evolved by combining newly available services and technologies with our tried and true core security principles. 

What We Do

Essentia is a full-service security firm and offers a suite of services that include electronic security services, monitoring services, and personal security for both homes and commercial properties.

Our Focus

Our primary focus is customer-centered, to keep people safe and provide peace of mind. We provide comfort and security through the implementation of security solutions that are practical and cost-efficient, uniquely designed to suit each customer’s needs.

Our goal is to understand our customers, identify their vulnerabilities, and design high-quality, effective, and comprehensive security countermeasures that protect people and assets while exceeding our customer expectations.

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