The Best Security Systems for Your Property in 2018

The Best Security Systems for Your Property in 2018

Outfitting your home or business with a security system is no longer a choice. In our current social climate, securing your assets has become absolutely necessary. With so many options on the market, we’ve compiled a list of the best security solutions from Essentia for 2018.

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Keep Your Pets Safe

Make sure every member of your family is protected—even the furry ones. A professionally monitored security system from Essentia can make sure your fur babies are safe at home 🐶🐱

Happy New Year 2021 🌟

For this new year, we wish you good health and happiness. It’s time to reset the calendar and get a fresh start. You can count on Essentia to keep you and your family safe and secure all year long.

Senior Loved Ones 🤍

Your senior loved ones need an added layer of protection to help keep them safe, healthy, and independent. From cameras that let you check on loved ones remotely, to buttons that can summon help, a security system from Essentia helps make sure your senior is safe at home.

Tuxedo Touch

Now it’s easier than ever to keep an eye on things with the ultimate smart controller for your home or business. See how the Tuxedo Touch controller from Essentia can be customized to perfectly suit your needs.

Leak and Flood Detection

When it comes to water damage, the earlier you catch a leak, the less costly it may be as even a small leak can have devastating financial consequences💧💦🤕

A monitored security system with leak and flood detection from Essentia warns you early to help prevent costly damage – saving you big bucks—and preventing big headaches!

Night Vision

When darkness sets in at Home, an outdoor camera with night vision means you’re never in the dark. Get instant alerts and see what’s happening outside with the visibility you need, day or night.


When your home is in distress, you shouldn’t have to rely on a single sensor to alert you of danger. With our One-Go-All-Go technology, all your sensors will be ready to act simultaneously🚨

Save energy ✅ Save money ✅

When your security system and thermostat work together, it saves you energy and money, makes you more cozy and puts you in control from anywhere. Bring security and comfort together at home.

Security and Efficiency Working Together

A secure home can also be a smart home. Add Z-Wave devices to your security system to control locks and lights, to open and close garage doors, and even to put your home on auto pilot.

Professional security with home automation ✅

Staying Home

DID YOU KNOW that a security system isn’t just for protecting your home while you’re away? It can also let you know when doors and windows are opened while you’re at home.

Personalized Solutions

When it comes to security and life safety for your home and business, there’s nothing like working with a company in your community. We are here for you with personal service and solutions to suit your specific needs.

Beyond 4 Walls

Day or night. Inside or Outside. Front or back. See how a professional home security system with outdoor cameras from Essentia is a great way to keep an eye on everything you care about.

Protecting Your Business

Whether you’re open to the public or not, you can still keep your business safe with a professionally monitored security system from Essentia that’s designed just for you.

Here For You

Even in these days of wild uncertainty, we continue to do what we do best – protecting your home and business. You can count on Essentia to provide reliable protection and peace-of-mind.

Being Neighbourly

Security begins at home – but it also extends to your neighbourhood. Stay safe and secure with a home security system and cameras from Essentia to keep an eye on your home and your neighbourhood.

COVID-19 Social Distancing

While social distancing (physical distancing) during this uncertain time, you may be catching up on home cleaning, working on your fitness, spending time with loved ones, and catching up with old friends. We encourage you to stay home as much as possible and to keep your home safe and secure. We are here if you need us!

Covid-19 We Are Here for You

This challenging time reminds us of how precious home and family are. Our security customers continue to be monitored around-the-clock. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU – keeping you safe and providing reliable protection for your home and business.

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