Protecting You

with Remote Monitoring

Your professional security system is greatly enhanced with the added benefits of Essentia’s state of the art, 24/7 central monitoring station. You are always protected, whether your business is open or not.

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More Than Just an Alarm

Better Manage Your Business

MAXPRO Cloud is a cost-effective way to protect your people and property at all times. Remotely lock and unlock doors, enable after-hours deliveries and get security notifications while on-the-go, freeing yourself up to continue pursuing other key business goals.

A Reliable, Trusted, and Secure System

Protect yourself from theft and liability with reliable video surveillance you can view at any time with 30-day, 60-day, and 6-month cloud video storage. This offsite storage will guard against loss or alteration of important evidence while also allowing you to easily disseminate clips and quickly send them electronically to law enforcement.

A Smart Investment

Get efficient 24/7 security management with MAXPRO Cloud’s integrated and intuitive security platform. Quickly add or remove access privileges to doors and locations, effectively reducing administrative time and costs.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Monitor employee and customer behavior throughout the day to uncover patterns of behavior that will better assist you in managing your staff and maximizing merchandising opportunities. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the cleanliness and safety of each environment.

Who We Serve


Ensuring young minds can learn and grow safely.

Through real-time notifications, and an intuitive operational dashboard delivered to your mobile device, MAXPRO Cloud allows you to effectively and efficiently protect your people, property and assets, monitoring multiple intrusion zones, cameras and access events.


Protecting your business from break-ins and theft.

Improve safety, reduce false alarms, and protect people and assets with remote access control and security management across single or multiple locations. Be confident in your ability to always keep an eye on your stores.

Commercial Offices

An office security system you can count on.

Save hundreds of hours annually by eliminating drive times from one location to the next to unlock doors and oversee security systems at various office sites.

Manage your business in the palm of your hand, using your mobile device to open a door or lock down a facility with a single button click. MAXPRO Cloud makes it easy to prevent unauthorized access, ensure regulatory compliance and monitor people, property and assets.

Property Management

Keep an eye on multiple properties from anywhere.

Managing multiple locations and tenants requires an innovative security management system that provides access anytime, from anywhere.

Enhance the marketability of your properties and improve occupancy and tenant retention by leveraging a scalable cloud-based security management system that delivers real-time insights to your mobile device, spanning video, intrusion and access control.

Warehouses & Manufacturing

Protection and security to ensure smooth operations.

Save hundreds of hours annually by eliminating drive times from one location to the next to unlock doors and oversee security systems at various office sites.

Manage your business in the palm of your hand, using your mobile device to open a door or lock down a facility with a single button click. MAXPRO Cloud makes it easy to prevent unauthorized access, ensure regulatory compliance and monitor people, property and assets.

Uninterrupted Communication 

Enjoy the ability to do business smoothly and securely.

Essentia’s intercom systems can be as simple or as sophisticated as you need. We provide Stentofon heavy-duty intercoms that provide communication technology like no other with the highest quality and standards.

Their specialty is Critical Communications over IP (CCoIP) and these systems have been implemented and proven in the most demanding of environments with their incredibly advanced features and functions.

There is no better alternative when it comes to secure communications. Stentofon intercoms also block out background noises and are ideal for factories or industrial sites with loud equipment.

Guard Services

Rest easy knowing you have a highly motivated, trained, and skilled 24/7 emergency response team that has your back.

Access Control NetAXS®

Honeywell’s NetAXS® hybrid access control panel gives you the flexibility to manage your system through the integrated Web-browser or with traditional PC-based access control software. Choose the level of security and functionality based on your business needs.

NetAXS provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional PC-based systems and the embedded Web server lets users access and manage their information securely from any Web browser, allowing multiple users to log in simultaneously using client-server architecture.


Honeywell’s most comprehensive access control software combines the power of access control, digital video and intrusion. WIN-PAK® is a single expandable system that provides you with an efficient and cost-effective solution for all your safety, security and surveillance needs. It gives you more robust security, more scalability, and more flexibility when upgrading your system.


Honeywell’s Pro-Watch® software offers a complete security management solution. It includes access control, alarm monitoring, video badging, and an interface with CCTV systems. Three editions provide a convenient growth path for security needs of all sizes:

Pro-Watch Professional Edition is for small to midsize applications.

Pro-Watch Corporate Edition is for applications with at least two users and 96 doors, but it can be expanded to an unlimited number of doors and scaled to include multiple sites & facilities.

Pro-Watch Enterprise Edition expands the system capability to global proportions by managing an enterprise-wide security system from a single point while maintaining local operational autonomy.


Honeywell Performance Series

No matter what performance you need in a camera, Essentia has the options you’re looking for. Honeywell’s Performance Series camera portfolio includes a variety of competitively-priced indoor, outdoor and low light cameras that let you pick the perfect camera for your application.

The Performance Series of cameras includes a wide range of high performing IR bullet cameras and mini-domes that are easy to use, with sharp image quality so you see every detail when it counts

Enterprise NVR Series

Entry-to-Enterprise Network Video Recorders address the needs of a wide variety of applications including education, commercial, retail, healthcare and many other applications. All Honeywell NVR solutions can be monitored through their respective clients or can reside under one common interface, MAXPRO® VMS.

Fire Alarm

When Silent Knight is on guard, you won’t get caught off guard. A complete portfolio of next-generation fire panels and accessories provides a familiar interface with dynamic configuration options. Now empowered with more addressable points, versatile SWIFT® wireless capabilities, additional communication options, and more.​


Honeywell Intrusion

Honeywell’s intrusion systems range from alarms, control panels, and motion sensors to fully integrated intrusion and door control security installations.

They include environmental protection and life safety devices, as well as perimeter protection products including glass break, seismic, and shock sensors. Since many of the systems have a modular design and different communications options, we can tailor them to your specific needs—letting you choose from wired, wireless, or hybrid solutions. 

Resideo Intrusion Panels & Systems

Resideo’s innovative line of control panels provides you with more the power, capacity, and versatility to satisfy virtually any installation requirement from a single platform.


STENTOFON® is a worldwide leader and supplier of communication systems. They specialize in VoIP technology systems for critical and demanding environments. A STENTOFON system can be integrated with CCTV, access control, and alarm for a comprehensive building security system, offering the ultimate in operating efficiency, programming, flexibility, and installation simplicity.

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