Residential Communities

Personnel Security

Each community is unique based on the geographic layout, the number of entrances, and residents. Our goal is to build a security solution that makes you a harder target while still allowing a comfortable and unobtrusive experience for your residents that fits into your available budget.

Our personnel solutions use static officers to control security entrances, Mobile patrol vehicles to patrol communities, and respond to threats and our 24-hour command center to provide support to our officers and your residents. We work with your team and in your community to help educate residents on how to improve security and keep everyone safe.

Security Checkpoints

Mobile Patrols

Emergency Response

Electronic Security Solutions

Electronic Security Systems are a tool that, when applied correctly, can manage your security by itself or in combination with security personnel make your security system more efficient and cost-effective. Using cutting edge solutions in vehicle barriers and automated gates, access control, and video surveillance, Essentia could custom design a solution that meets your unique needs and budget.

Some of our most popular solutions include access control for residents at checkpoints and parks and street video surveillance that can be remotely monitored at our 24-hour command center to support the community when they need it most.

Street CCTV

Access Control

Community Meeting

Residential Security

From remote services, 24-hour monitoring and video surveillance, Essentia can provide you with the protection you need.

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