How Technology Has Changed Home Security

The historical relationship between crime and technology is a fascinating study. From depression-era bank robbers using newly manufactured mobile machines as getaways to cyber criminals using lines of code to steal an identity, there seems to be no end to the egregious abuse of modern-day conveniences by nefarious individuals. It makes sense, therefore, that security methods over the decades would also have to continuously adapt in the face of ever-evolving technology.

Here are some examples of how technology is changing the way we protect our family and properties.

Smart Homes and Security

Long ago, people probably could not begin to fathom that someday in the future homeowners would be able to control the lights, locks, and even adjust the temperature in their homes despite not being anywhere near their houses. The increasing need to stay in control of your domain and connected to your assets has led to the advent of a modern marvel: the Smart Home.

Possible intruders would have a difficult time trying to break into a Smart Home. And even if they somehow breached the perimeters of the property, the homeowner would be well-equipped to detect that something is amiss and alert the relevant authorities in time. A security system from Essentia with Total Connect places this power in the palm of your hand.

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24/7 Remote Monitoring of Your Home

Back in the day, activating your alarm system before leaving the house meant simply informing a trusted neighbour that you were going somewhere. Or just leaving your dog loose in the yard. It is not hard to see how those measures could fail to deter, detect, and desist any determined trespasser.

However, with the advent of more detailed and durable cameras, it is possible to enlist a professional security company, like Essentia, to remotely monitor your home 24/7. Essentia has a state-of-the-art remote monitoring station that conveniently looks after your assets when you’re not around.

The Cloud Storage System

Infuriatingly, home intruders learned to not only steal your possessions but also the DVR camera hard drive that stores all the incriminating evidence of the intrusion into your home or business.

There is a solution to this problem. Camera footage of your property can be recorded and stored in the Cloud. This reduces the chances of it being corrupted or destroyed; you can download the recording and store it on your personal device.

It is evident that technology has shaped the present-day notions of what constitutes effective home security, and given us the chance to essentially be at home even while we’re away.

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