No Landline? No Problem.

Let Go of Your Landline. Stay Safe.

Give up your landline without giving up security

Enjoy superior home security without a landline

As families continue the trend of cutting cords and eliminating landlines in their home, Essentia’s security solutions are designed to keep you safe no matter what.

Essentia security technology does not require the use of a landline to operate, control, or connect to our central monitoring station. Relying instead on internet and cellular technology, Essentia no-landline technology allows for better remote control of your security and helps guarantee they stay online and protect your family regardless of power or internet outages.

From Resideo, A Leader in Home Security Systems

“Essentia and Honeywell HOME by RESIDEO began their journey back in 2005, and since those days Essentia’s vision has been to deliver an alternative solution for top-quality security at an international standard to Trinidad & Tobago. Essentia’s focus is on delivering quality and cutting edge solutions to the customer using technology such as AlarmNet360 and the Total Connect app. Essentia grooms their staff from the beginning of factory training and reinforces their knowledge annually to deliver the best quality solutions to their customers. For this reason, we are proud to continue supporting Essentia on their journey of delivering quality with the best products in Trinidad & Tobago.”

—  Rodrigo Mena (Territory Sales Manager |Caribbean, Central America, Andean (S.A.), ADI-PR & Florida Export) (Resideo | HOME Pro-Install Security Solutions – Intrusion & Cable)

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I continue to be impressed by Essentia’s alarm inquiry response times whenever my alarm goes off.” 

— Arn West

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Fast and dependable services for years. In these times, it’s always good to have a company you can depend on.” 

— Alma M. & Simon M.

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