Reopening Business Safely with Temperature Monitoring

The coronavirus has sent a shock throughout the global economy, affecting businesses of all shapes and sizes, and completely warping the economic landscape for the foreseeable future. While the pandemic will subside in time, many businesses are forced to push forward and resume normal operations as sitting by with closed doors simply isn’t an option.

As enterprises resume operations, reopening business safely and taking proper precautions to continue to control the spread of COVID-19 will be an essential practice all businesses must adhere to over the course of the next couple months.

In order to provide businesses and the public with the best possible protection and awareness as the economy attempts to reopen safely, Helios has developed the Sentinel SE10 Intelligent Thermometer. This device is an accurate, fast measurement, no-touch thermometer designed to safely monitor the health of employees and anyone else who enters your building or office and limit the spread of COVID-19.

As you and your organization begin the important task of reopening business safely, temperature monitoring with Helios’ Sentinel SE10 Intelligent Thermometer can provide your facility the means to quickly and easily screen individuals to better limit the spread of COVID-19. Here’s how.

Fever is a primary symptom of COVID-19

As more is learned about COVID-19, it has become apparent that those affected experience a wide array of symptoms. Some like coughing or difficulty breathing are easy enough to spot. However, most are difficult to detect with the naked eye and necessitate the need for invasive swabbing and additional testing.

One of the most common symptoms is fever or higher-than-average temperatures. Fortunately for testers unlike other coronavirus testing methods, temperature screenings can provide immediate feedback so you can quickly identify those who may be at risk.

This makes the Sentinel SE10 Intelligent Thermometer an extremely valuable testing tool during economic reopening. Quickly identifying those at-risk individuals with higher temperatures allows testers to take immediate action to prevent them from entering the facility and putting others at risk and spreading the deadly illness.

Screen temperatures safely

The highly infectious nature of COVID-19 puts safe testing methods at a premium as businesses begin reopening. Not only do those around potentially affected individuals need to maintain safety, but those doing the actual testing need to be kept safe as well. In the case of coronavirus, safe testing means keeping a sufficient distance.

The Helios Sentinel SE10 Intelligent Thermometer offers a no-touch, non-invasive way to take these important readings to ensure the safety of testers and those around them. This device can take accurate temperature readings from over 3 feet away, so as employees and visitors enter the building they can be tested at a distance that ensures the safety of testers.

Ideal for any scenario

While screening temperatures is important for all businesses reopening safely, some facilities will need to put an even larger emphasis on health screenings. Schools need to ensure the safety of their children. Office buildings and factory lines will have employees working in very close proximity to one another. Airports will eventually face a return of high volumes of people filling terminals and packing into airplanes.

All of these are very different environments, but they share a similar need for proactive health protection, which the Sentinel SE10 Intelligent Thermometer can provide. The portable and easy-to-use, plug-and-play nature of this temperature monitoring device makes it easily deployable at any door, entryway, or terminal to quickly and safely gather temperature readings and identify those at risk.

With no need for specialized training to install or use, the Sentinel SE10 Intelligent Thermometer can be implemented quickly and operated by your own staff, meaning your facility won’t experience any downtime during set up or need to outsource staff to operate it.

During the economic reopening, Essentia is committed to helping our customers facilitate reopening business safely by partnering with security system manufacturers like Helios and offering their safety solutions.

Learn more about the Sentinel SE10 Intelligent Thermometer and how it can be used to help your facility reopen safely.

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