Medic Alert

Independent living solutions that keep seniors safe and caregivers connected.

Keep Your Family Safe

Older family members who still have the luxury of living on their own require a little extra care. Because of their age, it can be more comforting knowing they have someone watching over them at all times just in case they need help. What if you could have that peace of mind knowing your elderly loved ones are safe and comfortable just by opening your phone.

24/7 Information

See, hear, and speak to nurses or home health aides at the premises, and take a screenshot of video activity – all from the same screen

24/7 Access

Know at a glance if a senior loved one has left the premises or pressed a panic pendant to summon emergency help

24/7 Communication

Speak to caretakers or your elderly loved ones through our app and let them know you are watching

24/7 Notifications

Get push notifications, email, and video alerts when important events occur such as leaving or returning home or getting up in the morning

Stay Connected

Resideo Total Connect Remote Services helps you maintain a connection to elderly relatives who live independently and provides extra care and attention in their own homes. Check-in on your loved ones with the press of a button with an easy-to-use app on your smartphone or mobile device.

24/7 System Checks

No activity notifications give alerts when there has been no sensor activity or if the alarm system has not been set for a period of time so you can check on them

24/7 Sensors

Be notified if a bathtub or toilet overflows or if extreme hot or cold temperatures have been sensed

24/7 Scheduling

Scenes and schedules keep seniors safe and comfortable without having to remember to adjust the thermostats, turn lights on or off or lock the doors at night

24/7 Monitoring

Monitor hallways, staircases and doors with live, look-in video

24/7 Protection

Not only is this perfect for families who want to check up on their relatives, but Resideo Total Connect is also the perfect tool for caregivers in order to provide 24/7 complete care over their patients. No matter where you are, your older relatives can rest easier knowing they always have someone who loves them watching over.

We never want the worst, like a fall, to happen to our elderly loved ones. But you should be able to act fast and provide immediate help and comfort in case it does.

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