Smart Home


Honeywell connected thermostats provide some of the most advanced, lifestyle-enhancing solutions for energy savings, comfort, and control–right on Honeywell Total Connect 2.0. Choose from Honeywell Lyric thermostats, Total Connect Comfort Wi-Fi® thermostats, and RedLINK™ connected thermostats, all capable of being controlled through your phone. Enjoy personalized temperature control while you’re home and away with automatic energy savings.

Stay in Control

Control security system remotely and know when the system has been armed or disarmed

Wi-Fi Connection

Connect with Wi-Fi devices such as Skybell Video Doorbell, August Smart Lock, thermostats, and smart garage doors

Easy Operation

Operate Z-Wave lights, locks, shades, water valves, ceiling fans, and more


Honeywell Total Connect works with the popular August Smart Lock so you can lock and unlock every door of your home via the Honeywell Total Connect app. A safe and secure home is just the push of a button away.

  • Installs easily on the inside of your doors and uses existing deadbolts
  • Preserves the aesthetics of existing front door with the ability to use traditional keys
  • Compatible with most standard, single-cylinder deadbolts
  • Works with Bluetooth® technology and requires August Connect Wi-Fi bridge for integration with Honeywell Total Connect

Motion Sensors

Find out when motion is sensed in outdoor areas like pools, patios, and driveways

Video Doorbell

See, hear, and speak with visitors at the front door via the smart video doorbell

Temperature Alerts

Receive alerts for floods or extreme temperature changes


Video surveillance systems offer an extra pair of eyes to help you protect your home and keep watch over your loved ones. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) provides the luxury of seeing who is  knocking at your front door, watching the caretaker in your home, or checking that your children got home from school on time. Essentia also offers Total Connect remote video services, which will allow you to go online to view the activity from your cameras at any time day or night on any computer or mobile device.

Access Codes

Set up temporary access codes for babysitters, housekeepers, contractors, and guests

Light Scheduling

Schedule lights to come on at night or randomize them for a lived-in look while you’re away

Site Control

Control multiple sites from the same account – great for vacation homeowners and real estate investors

Residential Gates

DoorBird gives you complete control over who enters your property. Receive instant notifications on your smartphone whenever the doorbell button is pressed. You can see your visitors, talk to them, and open the door if it is safe straight from your smartphone or mobile device – from anywhere in the world. DoorBird stands for the combination of exclusive design with the most innovative IP technology in the field of door communication. It is more than just an intercom, it is total peace of mind.

Smart Scenes

Smart Scenes can help to achieve energy savings, ambiance, and convenience. Easy set up provides an effortless experience and helps you make the most of your connected home. Set the thermostat, open and close shades, turn lights on and off, lock and unlock doors, even set and integrate schedules for events for your day and week.

Residential Intercom

Zenitel residential intercom systems can greatly improve communication within your home. When used throughout your home, you can talk with the babysitter upstairs from the basement, or even talk to a visitor at your front door from the laundry room.


Whenever someone steps foot in your yard, you should be the first one to know about it, no matter where you are. With Honeywell motion detection, you can enable motion detection areas around your home and receive an email, text message, or push notification whenever motion is detected.

Whether it’s your parents coming over to watch the kids after school or a postal worker dropping off the package you have been waiting for, you’ll always know what’s happening at home.

What is Z-Wave Technology?

Z-Wave is a wireless protocol harnessing low-energy radio waves that helps all your smart devices or appliances talk with one another. They are responsible for your phone telling your security system to lock the doors after you push a button. Lights, locks, and other security devices can be activated by schedules, user-defined conditions on the premises, and user commands from the Honeywell Total Connect website or mobile apps.

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