Protecting You

with Remote Monitoring

When it comes to protecting what you value most, Essentia can provide a solution that will protect your business and the people who depend on you.

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More Than Just an Alarm

Make Life Easier

Just because business owners are out of the office doesn’t mean they have to be out of the loop.

Keep Your Head Above Water

Save yourself time and money by stopping flood damage before it starts.

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Get an added sense of security by installing environmental sensors to any area of your office building to get a head start on detecting and remedying flooding — like busted pipes, leaking water tanks or even a broken ice maker — or a significant change in temperature.

When a flood is detected or your pre-determined upper or lower temperature limit has been exceeded, our system will alert you so you can take action to help stop the damage before it starts and avoid massive repair expenses to your building.

Snuff Out Dangerous Sparks

Serious threats from fire deserve serious safety measures.

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A fire can destroy a business or home in less than an hour, and take precious lives in the process. With an Essentia-installed Honeywell fire alarm system, you’ll have the peace of mind.

Our central station will contact you and the fire department immediately upon the detection of a fire. And with our supervised smoke detectors, we will notify you when maintenance is required.

Stay in Complete Control of Your Business

Protect your staff by knowing everyone who comes in and out of your door.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Team

See what is happening at work even when you are across the globe.

Uninterrupted Communication 

Enjoy the ability to do business smoothly and securely.

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Essentia’s intercom systems can be as simple or as sophisticated as you need. We provide Stentofon heavy-duty intercoms that provide communication technology like no other with the highest quality and standards.

Their specialty is Critical Communications over IP (CCoIP) and these systems have been implemented and proven in the most demanding of environments with their incredibly advanced features and functions.

There is no better alternative when it comes to secure communications. Stentofon intercoms also block out background noises and are ideal for factories or industrial sites with loud equipment.

Help is on the Way

Do you ever worry that your business is at risk for a break-in?

Guard Services

Rest easy knowing you have a highly motivated, trained, and skilled 24/7 emergency response team that has your back.