Access Control

Protect Your Assets

In the world of business, it is essential to ensure that you not only protect your people and assets but that to do so, you stay on top of the technology. Regardless of whether your business is small, medium, or large, they are all susceptible to the risk of theft, liability, and unauthorized access.

Essentia not only understands the technology from which a sound security system is created, we know and understand the business, its nuances and problems. We design security systems that are custom made to your business’s needs, providing you with a solution that is scalable, flexible, and user-friendly.

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Protect Your Property

Access control is the only technology that proactively attempts to keep unauthorized individuals out of a building or areas within a facility, and is a perfect complement to video surveillance, burglar, and fire systems in a comprehensive security solution.

Our Honeywell WIN PAK and PRO WATCH Access Control Solutions can be used in single door applications and can be expanded to hundreds of doors in multiple locations. The result is enhanced security and protection for your staff and property.