Real-Time Awareness

Honeywell Total Connect always keeps you informed with real-time push notifications, emails, text messages, and video alerts. You will be able to see whatever you want to. Past events can be searched for and accessed easily, providing you with a constant set of eyes on your business, employees, and assets.

Live Video

Keep an eye on employees via live, look-in video and observe consumer shopping habits and activity

Wi-Fi Connection

Choose from a wide range of Wi-Fi or Z-Wave enabled thermostats to make your business more comfortable and energy-efficient

Easy Operation

Operate Z-Wave lights, shades, water valves, ceiling fans, and more


Honeywell’s easy, app-based security system puts control of your business’s security in the palm of your hand. Business owners can access true system status updates and keypad status allowing for simple, real-time control over your business’s security systems no matter where you are.


Know exactly when your business opens and closes

Protect Assets

Protect inventory, avoid business disruption, and create a safer working environment with alerts for floods, leaks, and extreme temperatures

Site Control

Control multiple sites from the same account – great for franchises and businesses with more than one location

Geofencing Arming Reminders

It’s easy to forget things after a long day at the office, such as arming the office security on the way out. Even if you forget, Honeywell won’t. Using geofencing technology, the Honeywell Total Connect app will send you a notification if you travel a predetermined distance from your business without arming the system. You can even arm the system from your phone and move on to the rest of your day worry-free knowing your office is protected.

Video Motion Detection

Stop intruders from entering your business before they can disrupt operations or harm your employees. With motion detection systems in place, you can monitor specific areas around the office and receive an email, text message, or push notification if motion is detected. Business owners can keep an eye on their employees and their office, always knowing what’s happening.

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