Smart Alert

A virtual bodyguard for your family wherever you go.

With Smart Alert you have the protection of your home security system with you, everywhere you go.

In a dark parking lot or on a deserted street your virtual bodyguard will monitor you until you arrive safely at your destination.  And in case of a medical emergency, help is just a touch away.

Best of all there’s no special technology or gadget you need to carry or learn how to use. Smart Alert is a simple app that works through your smartphone. It combines the intelligence built into your phone, such as GPS location technology with our enhanced information and emergency response network.

With Smart Alert, you are never alone.

What It Does

The ultimate GPS-based panic button with nationwide coverage

  • A user-defined panic plan initiates at the touch of a virtual button.
  • Includes user-managed location services
  • Emergency contact and medical condition information
  • Central station emergency response
  • A live operator is available 24/7 when you need help
  • Mobile personal protection app for your iPhone or Android smart device

How It Works

Virtual Button

Simply touch the virtual “Help” button on the smartphone display.


Smart Alert is Like a Personal 999

  •  When you activate an alert, we know who you are – no need to spend time giving us your personal information.
  • We know where you are when you call for help. Your phone sends us your GPS location at the time of the alert and continually refreshes it until you turn it off.
  • We have your emergency plan and know how to react and who to send to help.
  • We have your emergency contacts and will notify them of any emergency.
  • You are in control of your data. Only you can initiate an alert with a location and can shut it down at any time, maintaining your privacy.

Let’s work together to make your safety a priority and protect what you value most. Send us an email or give us a call today.

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