Smarter Business Security Solutions

Get More Out of Your Security

Smarter Security

Trust Essentia to put total visibility of your facility in the palm of your hand – so you have complete control over your security. From anywhere, anytime. Using any computer, tablet, or mobile device. We can help you simplify security management so you can monitor and manage all your locations wherever you are. No matter what the size of your facility, we can help you streamline your security in ways you never imagined.

Smarter Intercom

Whether you are using intercoms to monitor a factory floor, speak to the person at your front door, or communicate with the folks in your back office, you want products from manufacturers you can trust. Essentia’s intercom system product mix has been carefully chosen to offer our customers exactly what they need for their application, from manufacturers that offer the most reliable intercom systems and communication products.

Smarter Building

Securing a facility is normally seen as an operating expense, but Essentia can help you turn your door access control and video surveillance systems into assets by integrating them with building management technology.

We can help you lower your facility operating costs and reduce energy consumption by connecting various systems and services of the building together such as indoor and outdoor lighting, utility-supplied power and generators, AC controllers, water pumps, elevators, and power usage meters. Let us show you how you can effectively manage, control, and monitor all aspects of your facility in a centralized application.

Smarter Monitoring

By investing in intelligent security and building management system, you can achieve long-term cost savings and operational benefits.

Essentia can build a system that allows you to use your access control system to determine when HVAC systems should run at specific setpoints based on occupancy levels or be turned on or off. And you can use your video surveillance system to determine where and when lighting is needed and adjust the light levels and power distribution accordingly across your facility. 

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