Time To Cut the Cord on Landline Home Security

For years, home security systems have relied on landlines as the means of connecting the user’s home to their security provider. Those days, however, are swiftly coming to an end.

The future of home security has come, and it is cutting the cord of outdated landlines and instead opting for reliance on the internet and cellular technology. Internet connectivity offers a means to deliver faster, stronger, and more reliable residential security solutions.

But why have security providers across the world begun abandoning landline-based security, and why has the move happened so quickly? The reasons why, boil down to not just the superiority of internet communications, but also the habits and lifestyles of those who rely on the security systems themselves.

Landlines are diminishing fast

In the United States and across the world, landlines have quickly become abandoned by homeowners. A recent study by the CDC revealed that in 2004 just shy of 100% of homes utilized a landline. By 2019, that percentage has now dropped to under 40%.

The reason is the rise of smartphone ownership. Many individuals, especially the new young professionals that are the ones now purchasing homes and security systems, have become entirely dependent on smartphones for communications and no longer have use for voice-only landlines and would prefer to eliminate the additional expense.

Security companies have sought to adapt to the changing demands of their customers, not trying to change the demands of their customers. Security systems with internet communicators allow a new generation of homeowners to get the level of security they need with all the additional features, without the extra expense and limited functionality of a landline.

Security System with internet connectivity is more reliable

One of the biggest flaws with old landline-reliant security technology is its reliance on copper cable. All it takes is one crafty intruder cutting the cable to your home, a faraway driver crashing into a telephone pole, or even just a nasty storm knocking down power lines by your home and you are left completely vulnerable and without protection.

Internet communicators, however, rely on multiple pathways to the central station, using fiber, wireless and cellular, and as you may have guessed, draws their power and connects with security providers through the use of nearby cell towers. This completely circumvents the need for residential security measures to depend on electrical power, landlines, or even an internet connection to properly function and keeps your home protected even throughout devastating storms or cut power lines.

Cellular security monitoring is superior

Cellular security’s connection to local cell towers opens up exciting opportunities for security system owners to enjoy monitoring capabilities that far surpass those of landline security systems. Without the dependence of landlines, many cellular security systems allow users to take advantage of text and mobile alerts and updates straight from their phone or mobile device so they can monitor their security system from work or anywhere they may be.

In fact, cellular technology opens up opportunities for security owners to not just monitor, but entirely operate their residential security system from their mobile devices. Freeing security systems from dependence on landlines increases the potential for homeowners to have more control over their security than ever before.

Are you ready to let go of your landline and guard your home with superior protection?

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