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You know that running a small business is more than a full-time job—it’s your livelihood and your life. You might feel that managing the basic operations of the company takes up a substantial portion of your time every day. But did you know that a professionally monitored security system from Essentia can help you monitor your business, minimize inconveniences, and reduce the likelihood of a burglary?

With our robust security systems, you can streamline safety at your business by upgrading your system to incorporate some of the latest innovations that improve efficiency:

Smart Camera Integration

A video monitoring system is one of the smartest investments a business owner can make. The presence of a security camera is one of the most effective crime deterrents available, and it can also help to protect your company against lawsuits. Additionally, some insurers may offer discounts to business owners for installing video surveillance.

While a standalone camera system is good, several benefits come with upgrading to cameras that integrate with a smart alarm system. One benefit is being able to monitor the camera feeds from the connected safety app on your phone. In addition, you can set up the system to send you alerts for different types of activity. Some smart camera platforms even can tell the difference between regular activity and things that may be suspicious.

Remote Control from Anywhere

With an older alarm system, you would have to stand in front of the keypad and push buttons to control the system. A smart alarm system allows you to manage alarms with the connected smartphone app. That means that you can control the system wherever you may be—so you can stay in control if you’re on the premises of your business, or when you are away.

One way this can make things more convenient is during opening and closing. When you arrive each morning, you won’t have to rush to the control panel to disarm the system. When you close for the night, you won’t have to hurry out the door after arming the alarm system.

Smart Access Control Solutions

A smart alarm monitoring system can also offer you better business access control solutions. Instead of having to give physical keys to employees, you can program keyless entry codes.

These codes can be added and removed with ease—and you can even provide different employees with different levels of access. The system can also keep detailed access records, so you know who is coming and going at different times.

About Us

Essentia is a full-service security company based in Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago, providing services to customers throughout the Caribbean. With business alarm solutions, automation features, and video surveillance all on one platform, our professional team can work with you to design a system that is customized for the particular needs of your business.

We offer full-service alarm systems for small businesses with monitoring, response and Total Connect remote services, video (CCTV), fire systems, intercoms, electronic gates, access control and more. Let us help you make your life easier—contact us today at (868) 299-0246 for a free consultation.

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From Resideo, A Leader in Home Security Systems

“Essentia and Honeywell HOME by RESIDEO began their journey back in 2005, and since those days Essentia’s vision has been to deliver an alternative solution for top-quality security at an international standard to Trinidad & Tobago. Essentia’s focus is on delivering quality and cutting edge solutions to the customer using technology such as AlarmNet360 and the Total Connect app. Essentia grooms their staff from the beginning of factory training and reinforces their knowledge annually to deliver the best quality solutions to their customers. For this reason, we are proud to continue supporting Essentia on their journey of delivering quality with the best products in Trinidad & Tobago.”

—  Rodrigo Mena (Territory Sales Manager |Caribbean, Central America, Andean (S.A.), ADI-PR & Florida Export) (Resideo | HOME Pro-Install Security Solutions – Intrusion & Cable)

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I continue to be impressed by Essentia’s alarm inquiry response times whenever my alarm goes off.” 

— Arn West

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Fast and dependable services for years. In these times, it’s always good to have a company you can depend on.” 

— Alma M. & Simon M.

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